New Year's Start - One Two-Three GO!

This first coaching video of 2023 provides two specific strategies to use the uniqueness of this year to increase your advantages and success.



This first coaching video of 2023, I'll ask, How, specifically, will you use this year to create new patterns, meaningful growth and undeniable results? Stay tuned for practical ideas.

It's 2023. And that number, 23, could itself inspire you to greatness or opening up to new possibilities. 23 was after all, MJ's number with the Chicago Bulls. Imagine yourself wearing that jersey this year, being more unstoppable. Psalm 23, "The Lord is my Shepard; I shall not want," could help those of us with an eternal perspective find calm confidence, despite of life's troubles and impermanence. Or, the 23 chromosomes of the human genome could remind you of your uniqueness and connection to previous generations.

Here's the thing. You get one 23. This is the only year ending in "2-3" you will ever live. How about using that as a hook - One Two-Three - to make this a truly remarkable year? Here are two ways to do that.

First, to interrupt your reflexive, limiting patterns, insert a strategic, three second pause. Before you respond in anger, or when you feel the pull of a familiar vice or behavior, remind yourself; you get one two-three. Allow that pause to help you find better, or at least different options. Take a breath. Count it out. Choose a response that serves you.

And also, this year you'll encounter opportunities that make you nervous. You'll doubt yourself before trying, doing, or entering into an important, but challenging conversation. You may feel like skipping a workout, short changing your effort, or calling it quits. At these times, use your One Two-Three, to propel yourself into the moment you go for it. Lean into the uncomfortable and important by literally counting yourself into action.

Hardship and fortuity live side by side, often to the extreme. Join me in using our one two-three to achieve personal breakthroughs and extend assistance to others. The world needs us to rise above the noise and distraction and live this year in a way that is, truly, Off Balance On Purpose.


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