Go Faster, Better

If you find yourself racing to keep pace with life, you may be missing an important key to progress. This week's video offers will help you go faster with less struggle and better results.



What are you sacrificing for speed? From Amelia Island, let me show you how to go faster, better.

As individuals and in teams we are increasingly challenged. You've done so much. And here's more. You've handled incredible change, so here's the next one. The pace has been crazy lately, so go faster. The treadmill always finds another gear. And not only isn't this sustainable, but it deprives you of the real benefit of your effort.

When working with teams and companies, I see people pushing themselves, and being pushed, to keep up with what's coming. Rarely do they take the time to fully process what happened - to learn, apply, and share the lessons of experience. Yet that's where the learning lives - to revisit what worked well, and what you could have done better.

More reps or a faster pace, doesn't drive improvement unless you intentionally capture, learn, and, ideally, share the lessons. Think of how much more efficient and successful organizations could become if they can multiply learning across people and teams. So, starting today, implement these three actions.

1. Schedule Reflection Time. This is different from planning, which is focused on what you're doing next. Reflection makes your planning better by fully processing the past. So put it in your calendar, even for a few minutes, regularly.

2. Debrief the Good and the Bad. After big moments, however they play out, devote larger blocks of time to really delve into what happened, and why. Capture specifics to help you repeat what works and improve what doesn't, going forward.

3. Share the Learning. Build a mechanism within your team, company or family for people to share what they've learned with one another. When you share a lesson, you learn it more deeply, by giving it words and form.

You'll spend less time going backwards once you've looked there for lessons. You'll gain real progress and results, and before you know it, you're going faster, better. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.

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