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Dale Moss

Former Worldwide Director British Airways

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Dale Moss

When Dale Moss speaks to Leadership, Growth and Change and Corporate Culture, he knows what he's talking about. In his years at British Airways, Dale led a team of 12,000 people, was proud of building great teams and helping them deliver extraordinary results. Throughout his extremely successful 30-year career at British Airways, the high point of every major conference was the moment Dale Moss would bound on stage to deliver his keynote address--and he never left without a standing ovation, even if he was delivering tough news. His impactful, often described by his audience as evangelical, speaking style always won the hearts and broadened the minds of his audiences all over the world.

Dale Moss
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Loving the Edge

As a Worldwide Director who rose from sales reservation agent over the course of his 30 years there, Dale Moss was not just an observer, but a decision-maker and an active participant in the British Airways journey from bloody awful to The World's Favourite Airline.Loving the Edge is Dale's fascinating story of the world's challenging, troubled, but always compelling Aviation Industry and specifically, British Airways. With an energetic depth, charm and wit, Dale Moss's unfailing motivational presence takes the audience through a "Flight Plan" of universally applicable observations about Leadership that by design or default, ultimately leads to Growth and Change.Dale Moss's business acumen comes through in his never ending supply of relevant business examples and great stories as he explains the critical role solid Leadership plays in developing the right strategy, looking at it honestly, knowing when the course needs correcting and having the guts to take risks that "Edge Lovers" take. His metaphoric use of how a plane achieves flight brings his ideas into perfectly clear focus. To sustain success in the global marketplace today, Loving the Edge is the only way to throw off entitlement, take back accountability and soar ahead of the competition. The historic brand recognition and respect that British Airways has always worked hard to maintain makes for a fascinating presentation, told by a master storyteller who was right in the thick of it all.

The Heart of Corporate Culture

During his time at British Airways, Dalw as a part of mergers, acquisitions, alliances, government regulation and it's version of de-regulation. He was there and helped see the company through strikes, slowdowns, accidents, wars, terrorism and the effects of the 9/11 tragedy.

Dale led a team of 12,000 people. His functional responsibilities included worldwide airline operation over 72 countries, specifically including: marketing, advertising, field sales, telephone sales, online sales, distribution, pricing, customer relations, training, scheduling, cargo and airport customer service. He held worldwide revenue responsibility for over $10B with a cost budget of over $3B. And he did this as an American living in the UK.

Having gone through all those things, you gain a broad and sobering perspective. Leadership may inherit a whole host of issues, acts of god, etc. How then do you reach your goals? What's the most important thing to concentrate on? For many companies, the answer is PEOPLE. But in a cynical world, in a crazy business, how to you build a CORPORATE CULTURE that will follow its leadership right to that EDGE? How do you create a CULTURE where the PEOPLE in your company are accountable and responsible, interested in the growth of the organization? How do you find out who are the PEOPLE who will take the initiative, take the risks without the fear? Dale created that organization at one point in the US--an organization that was driven, loyal and widely profitable. Let Dale tell your audience the story of this organization and how they surpassed every goal they were given...It's an amazing tale!

Dale Moss
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Dale Moss

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