Chrissie Wellington | Speaker, Author, and World Champion Ironman Triathlete

Chrissie Wellington

Speaker, Author, and World Champion Ironman Triathlete

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Chrissie Wellington

Since bursting on the triathlon scene with her win at Ironman Korea in 2007, Chrissie Wellington has established herself as the Queen of the ironman distance. She is reigning, and four-time, Ironman World Champion and is undefeated at the ironman distance.

She holds the five fastest times ever recorded by a woman over the ironman distance and holds the world record (8: 18:13) set at Challenge Roth in 2011. She also broke the 17 year course record for the World Championship course in Kona in 2009.

Chrissie Wellington is a true champion on and off the race course. She measures success by the positive impact of her athletic career on larger causes, including her work with charitable causes. She is taking 2012 off from racing to promote the sport more widely, work with her chosen charities and promote her new book, "A Life Without Limits."

Chrissie Wellington
Featured Keynote Programs

A LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS (Motivation, Inspiration)

In this presentation, Chrissie encourages her audience to live 'A Life Without Limits'. Chrissie discusses her unique and unorthodox path to professional sport, including her life prior to becoming a professional athlete. Unlike some world class athletes who were 'born into a sport', Chrissie earned undergraduate and masters degrees, travelled for 2 years, worked on international development policy for the UK government, and managed development projects in Nepal. Only after that did she take up triathlon! Chrissie shows audiences how to take a chance, look fear in the face and defy limits of what people might think is possible.
(Book release in May, 2012)

THE ART OF TRIATHLON (Goal Setting, Overcoming Obstacles, Change- Perfect for Sales and Leadership Conferences)

A student of Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War', Chrissie shows audiences how to use the physical and mental training strategies, philosophies and characteristics that have enabled her to become a 4 time World Ironman Champion. These strategies transcend sport and are equally applicable to business, and person life. Using strategies from The Art of War, Chrissie talks about
*Goal setting
*Effective and detailed preparation
*Remaining focused and motivated
*Knowing your battlefield and enemy
*Acknowledging and working on strengths and weaknesses
*Being prepared to adapt quickly and respond to change
*Overcoming adversity.

CHRISSIE'S KEYS TO HEALTH AND WELLNESS (Work/Life Balance; Women's Events; University Events)

With a focus on health and wellness, Chrissie shares with her audiences:
*How to be a positive, healthy, active and successful sporting role model - inspiring and encouraging people, especially women and girls, through her performances; raising the bar for women in sport.
*How to combine sport/development work, including through active and passionate support of many charities. Using your platform to effect wider change.
*Chrissie talks specifically about her struggles with eating disorders during her early adulthood, and how she has managed to overcome these.

Chrissie Wellington
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Chrissie Wellington

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