Dr. Catlin Tucker | Google Certified Innovator, Edruptor, Bestselling Author, International Trainer, and Keynote Speaker.

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Dr. Catlin Tucker

Google Certified Innovator, Edruptor, Bestselling Author, International Trainer, and Keynote Speaker.

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Dr. Catlin Tucker

Dr. Catlin Tucker is a bestselling author, international trainer, and keynote speaker. She was named Teacher of the Year in 2010 in Sonoma County, where she taught for 16 years. Catlin earned her doctorate in learning technologies from Pepperdine University. Currently, Catlin is working as a blended learning coach, education consultant, and professor in a Masters of Arts in Teaching program. Catlin has published several books on blended learning, including The Shift to Student-led, The Complete Guide to Blended Learning, UDL and Blended Learning, and Balance with Blended Learning. She is active on Twitter @Catlin_Tucker and writes an internationally ranked blog at CatlinTucker.co

Dr. Catlin Tucker
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Dr. Catlin Tucker
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Reignite Teacher and Student Engagement with Blended Learning

The last two years have been mentally and emotionally exhausting for teachers and students. The pandemic and its impact on education have left many teachers feeling tired and disillusioned. Yet, teacher engagement is critical to achieving high levels of student engagement and improving learning outcomes. Understanding the aspects of this work that are cognitively, emotionally, and socially engaging is critical if we want to reignite our teachers’ passion for this profession. In an era when many feel burnt out or question the sustainability of this work, we must leverage a strategic blend of online and offline learning that allows teachers to invest time and energy in the human side of teaching. Join Dr. Catlin Tucker to explore how teachers can leverage blended learning to spend more time on the aspects of this work that positively impact their engagement and, in turn, increase student engagement.

*Book pairing: UDL and Blended Learning *Audience: Teachers, Coaches, or School Leaders

Creating a Community of Inquiry
Teaching & Learning Online

As learning moves online, many teachers are unsure how to navigate this new learning landscape. The Community of Inquiry theoretical framework can support teachers in understanding their roles in a blended or online course, helping students to develop their social presence online, and engaging students in the construction of knowledge as part of an online learning community. Teaching is an art form that encompasses more than simply disseminating and collecting assignments. Join educator and best-selling author Dr. Catlin Tucker to explore teaching and learning online!

*Book pairing: UDL and Blended Learning

*Course pairing: Getting Started with Blended and Online Learning

Activating Agency, Differentiation, Community, and Inquiry with Blended Learning

The pandemic taught educators several lessons:

Learning can happen anywhere, any time.

Human connection and participation in a learning community make learning rich and engaging.

Students are more likely to be motivated if they enjoy autonomy and agency.
So, how can teachers move forward in the face of so much change to design and facilitate dynamic student-centered learning experiences? Instead of relying on one model for every lesson, teachers need a robust toolbelt full of instructional models and engagement strategies they use to design learning experiences that give students agency, differentiate effectively, build community, and drive inquiry! Blended learning provides a sustainable path forward that frees teachers from the front of the room, allowing them to work directly with small groups and individual learners. This shift makes it possible for teachers to spend their precious class time on the aspects of this work that are most engaging and rewarding. Join Dr. Catlin Tucker as she shares highlights from her new book, The Complete Guide to Blended Learning.

Shifting Workflows
Let Students Lead & Avoid Teacher Burnout

Teachers are burning out at record levels. They’re drowning in unrealistic expectations and doing the lion’s share of the work in classrooms. It’s time to shift from time-consuming, teacher-led, and often frustratingly ineffective workflows to sustainable student-led workflows that position learners at the center of the learning experience. Grounding these student-led workflows in Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles and leveraging blended learning models to shift control to students can help all students develop into expert learners capable of acquiring information and making meaning. These reimagined workflows also free teachers from the front of the room to spend more time working alongside individual and small groups of learners.

Dr. Catlin Tucker
Featured Books

The Shift to Student-Led: Reimagining Classroom Workflows with UDL and Blended Learningby Dr. Catlin Tucker

The Shift to Student-Led: Reimagining Classroom Workflows with UDL and Blended Learning

by Dr. Catlin Tucker

The Shift to Student-Led by Catlin R. Tucker & Katie Novak

Your Guide to Student-Led Learning

Catlin Tucker and Katie Novak have worked with too many educators who are frustrated and disillusioned with the teaching profession. They know that teachers are drowning in work and unrealistic demands. Many are mentally and emotionally exhausted by the uncertainty and constant change created by the pandemic. In this follow-up to UDL and Blended Learning, the authors have set out to help teachers reimagine their approach to this work so that it is sustainable and rewarding.

Each chapter in The Shift to Student-Led takes apart one traditional teacher-led workflow, examining the problems it presents teachers and students, what the research says versus what the reality in the classroom is, and how UDL and blended learning can free teachers from the “sage on the stage” role and place students at the center of their learning. These reimagined student-led workflows help students develop self-awareness, internal motivation, and self-regulation skills, which are critical to becoming expert learners.

Intended for K–12 educators, instructional coaches, and school leaders who want to create academically robust, inclusive learning communities, this book is full of principles, strategies, and resources that can be put into practice right away and at any level.

UDL and Blended Learningby Dr. Catlin Tucker

UDL and Blended Learning

by Dr. Catlin Tucker
Balance With Blended Learning: Partner With Your Students to Reimagine Learning and Reclaim Your Life (Corwin Teaching Essentials)by Dr. Catlin Tucker

Balance With Blended Learning: Partner With Your Students to Reimagine Learning and Reclaim Your Life (Corwin Teaching Essentials)

by Dr. Catlin Tucker

Rethink the roles, responsibilities, and workflow in your blended learning classroom and enjoy balance in your life.

Blended learning allows a partnership that gives teachers more time and energy to innovate and personalize learning while providing students the opportunity to be active agents driving their own growth.

Balance With Blended Learning provides teachers with strategies to actively engage students in setting goals, monitoring development, reflecting on growth, using feedback, assessing work quality, and communicating their progress with parents. It includes

  • Practical strategies for teachers who are overwhelmed by their workloads
  • Vignettes written by teachers across disciplines
  • Ready-to-use templates to help students track their progress
  • Stories from the author′s experience as a teacher and blended learning coach
Power Up Blended Learning: A Professional Learning Infrastructure to Support Sustainable Changeby Dr. Catlin Tucker

Power Up Blended Learning: A Professional Learning Infrastructure to Support Sustainable Change

by Dr. Catlin Tucker

This book provides an actionable framework for leaders looking to implement a long-term professional learning plan that extends professional development beyond a handful of days each year to create a "coaching culture" that supports teachers as they move toward blended learning.

Blended learning expert Catlin Tucker provides tools and resources for embedding professional learning into your school’s culture, including:

  • Coaching protocols
  • Templates for feedback
  • Lesson planning resources for blended learning
  • Rubrics for evaluation
  • Stories and tips from blended learning coaches
  • Vignettes from teachers who have successfully shifted to a blended learning model
  • Reflection questions for leading book studies

Blended Learning in Action: A Practical Guide Toward Sustainable Changeby Dr. Catlin Tucker

Blended Learning in Action: A Practical Guide Toward Sustainable Change

by Dr. Catlin Tucker

Shift to blended learning to transform education    

Blended learning has the power to reinvent education, but the transition requires a new approach to learning and a new skillset for educators. Loaded with research and examples, Blended Learning in Action demonstrates the advantages a blended model has over traditional instruction when technology is used to engage students both inside the classroom and online. Readers will find:

  • Breakdowns of the most effective classroom setups for blended learning
  • Tips for leaders
  • Ideas for personalizing and differentiating instruction using technology
  • Strategies for managing devices in schools
  • Questions to facilitate professional development and deeper learning
Blended Learning in Grades 4-12by Dr. Catlin Tucker

Blended Learning in Grades 4-12

by Dr. Catlin Tucker

Use technology to focus on your students!

In this step-by-step guide, teacher and education blogger Catlin Tucker outlines the process for integrating online discussion with face-to-face instruction in a way that empowers teachers to focus their energies where they're most needed. With concrete strategies, ready-to-use resources, and sample rubrics grounded in the Common Core State Standards, this book shows teachers how to:

  • Increase engagement and drive higher-order thinking
  • Prepare students for high-stakes exams without sacrificing class time
  • Assess online work
  • Personalize learning and differentiate lessons
  • Move toward flipped instruction to create a student-centered classroom
Creatively Teach the Common Core Literacy Standards With Technology: Grades 6-12by Dr. Catlin Tucker

Creatively Teach the Common Core Literacy Standards With Technology: Grades 6-12

by Dr. Catlin Tucker

Let technology pave the way to Common Core success.

Engage your students by delving into the Common Core ELA standards with the tools they use the most. As you explore the creative road to academic success, with the Common Core ELA and literacy standards—you will turn your classroom into a student-centered learning environment that fosters collaboration, individualizes instruction, and cultivates technological literacy. Features include:

  • Specific recommendations for free apps and tech tools that support the Common Core

  • Step-by-step guidelines to breaking down standards by grade and subject

  • Teacher-tested, research-supported lesson ideas and strategies

  • Replicable resources, including prewriting activities and writing templates

  • Real-life examples

Dr. Catlin Tucker
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