How to build and diversify your staffing supply chain

If step one to gaining a strategic hiring advantage in 2021 is to define your employer value proposition, step two is to build and diversify your staffing supply chain.

Depending on your optimal staffing mix, you may build your staffing supply chain using a mix of internal professionals, expert external partners, and technology.


Questions you should ask about your staffing supply chain

Who internally on your team is responsible for attracting applicants from appropriate talent pools? Is it hiring managers themselves? Are they winging it, all alone? Or are they supported by staffing and recruiting professionals from HR? Who is responsible for framing the attraction message? Preparing the materials? Delivering the materials? Explaining and answering questions?

Are you working with a recruitment-advertising or marketing firm? Executive recruiters? Temp agencies? Gig work vendors? Outsourcing work to third party companies or independent contractors?

Are you utilizing online advertising, job search, recruitment, or social networking venues? What about more traditional job fairs?

Do you work with school-based career counselors, at any level of education? Or industry and professional associations?

Do you rely on your current employees for job referrals? Do you have a formal employee referral program? Does it produce good candidates?

Is it easy for job searchers to learn about career opportunities in your organization? How easy is it to apply?

Do you have an interactive applicant tracking system? Can applicants self-screen online to be channeled to the right opportunities? Can applicants easily self-schedule video chat, phone, or in-person interviews? Can applicants ask you questions online throughout the process?

Can applicants do all their hiring interactions with you via their smartphone?


You must be able to say yes

Being able to answer 'yes' to all the questions above is the key to building and maintaining a steady stream of applicants into your staffing supply chain. Remember, you want the top of your talent funnel to be very wide, so you have lots of people to consider overall. The goal for every position is to attract a sufficiently large applicant pool so you can be very selective.


Gain a strategic hiring advantage in 2021

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