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Barbara Bartlein RN, CSP

Barbara Bartlein, RN, MSW, CSP, is a workplace culture expert and published authority on ethics, teamwork and productivity. Pianist and singer, she brings music and motivation to all her programs.

For over 30 years, her presentations and seminars have helped professionals, teams and leaders build high performing workplaces. A clinical psychotherapist and former VP of Columbia-St. Mary's Hospital System, she understands people and organizations.

Presenting over 90 programs per year, Barbara's high energy keynotes and seminars improve teamwork, increase cooperation and productivity. Barbara is a high content speaker who educates, entertains and motivates professionals to improve workplace performance.

Barbara is the past president of the National Speakers Association-WI chapter. She has earned the (CSP) designation, the highest earned honor given by the National Speakers Association. Held by fewer than 10% of the speakers in the world, the CSP is the speaking profession's international measure of professional platform skill.

The best selling author of three books, she is also a contributor to four Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Her newest work, Energy Suckers - How to Deal With Bullies in the Workplace, is being used by companies and teams to improve organizational culture.

Barbara has been featured nationally on CNN, NBC, Bill O'Reilly, FOX TV and USA Today. Her client list includes top Fortune 500 companies, including Johnson Controls, Northwestern Mutual, Discover Card, Aurora Healthcare and Miller Brewing.

Barbara Bartlein RN, CSP
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Barbara Bartlein RN, CSP
Featured Keynote Programs

Bury My Heart at Meeting Room "C" - How to Run Effective Meetings

According to the Annenberg School of Communication at USC, a typical manager attends five meetings a week and averages two hours and 14 minutes each day in the meeting room. Make the meetings you lead and attend more effective with positive outcomes.

In this program, you learn:

*How to determine if a meeting needs to take place
*The importance of picking the best venue to make the meeting efficient
*How to create an agenda and stay on track
*Who should be in charge and why
*How to record the discussion and decisions
*Why it is critical to give assignments to participants with timeframes

Taking Charge of Your Time

A recent study of a thousand business people reported that 89% take work home, 65% work more than one weekend a month and 53% spend less than two hours a week looking after their children. No wonder too many of us complain that we don't have enough time. Learn how to take charge of your time to get more out of life; at work and at home.

In this program, you will learn:

*The two biggest workplace pressures
*Symptoms of poor time management
*How to set priorities
*The difference between development and maintenance activities
*The enemies of time management
*How to use time to your benefit

Building the Habits of Success

What does making your bed, flossing your teeth, and exercising have in common? They are three habits of very successful people. New research into how we form and change habits can help you transform your life.

In this program, you learn:

*The latest research on habit formation
*Why it is so difficult to to extinguish "bad" habits
*The importance of building "keystone" habits
*How to recognize triggers for habits and change your response
*The importance of rewarding "good" behavior

Balancing Act

Laugh your way to better balance as you realign work, home, and other demands. Utilizing humor, this presentation focuses on our changing culture and the effects on our lives.

In this program, you learn:

*To evaluate your personal balance utilizing the "Balance Wheel"
*The top three strategies to re-balance
*How to enhance your ability to say "no" and set realistic limits
*Techniques that simplify your life at home and at work

Barbara Bartlein RN, CSP
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