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Leading with SPARK
Create a Culture Where Everyone Matters

Transformational leaders are divergent thinkers who refuse to settle for a status quo culture. They are relentless in creating an environment where everyone belongs and brings their best selves to work.

This is a conscious inclusive mindset that fosters growth, high performance, and trust. Culture is more than the mission and vision of the organization. Culture happens when no one is looking. As business changes at the speed of light, an organization’s culture will stand the test of time if it’s built on the right foundation.

Leading with Spark is understanding that the purpose of leadership is to invite men and women on a journey to discover the leader within themselves while they’re following you. A leader can only take people to a place that he or she has already experienced.

Leading with Spark is understanding that innovation only happens when everyone has a seat at the table and their voice can be heard.

Leading with Spark is releasing the need to always be right and shifting to creating a culture that evolves from “me to we”.

Forward-thinking leaders are forward-looking leaders who understand the difference between effectiveness and busyness. Culture is the game-changer that attracts talent, engages customers, and establishes a brand in the next decade.

Key Takeaways for Leading with Spark:
• What is culture and how to establish one where everyone believes that they belong
• How to create a deeper connection with talent so that they become the ambassadors for the brand
• Spark a relationship with customers by understanding culture + connection + customers = revenue

Having Hard Conversations is Good for Business

How to respond to the BLM Movement authentically and appropriately.

The murder of George Floyd on May 25th has highlighted on a global scale what Black, Indigenous, and People of Color have experienced since the birth of our country.

The trauma and tragedy we are suffering as a nation are palpable, and it is impossible to isolate everything you feel, think, and experience personally from how you show up professionally.

One of the opportunities I’m seeing in the power of this new civil rights movement is the breadth and depth of conversations that are being initiated. Across industries, individuals and organizations are asking what they can do and how they can help.

Virtual Presentation

Shift Your Brilliance: Lead Differently
Industries are being transformed at the speed of light. To keep adapting to the changing times, organizations need leaders that reset their mindset. The leadership skills of yesterday will not carry the day in an economy of uncertainty. However, leaders who adopt forward-looking thinking can positively influence the culture of their companies and position it for future success. In this webinar, Simon will share just-in-time insights for leaders of teams and influencers who lead without a title.

In this fast-paced 60-75 minute webinar with Q&A, you will experience a robust dialogue that will yield the following results:
Learning Objectives:

Mental Agility practices just for leaders
3 best practice recommendations to lead remote teams
Process ambiguity quicker and execute better
Create a permission-to-innovate team culture

Thriving through Adversity (for teams)
Audacious individuals possess a daring attitude of confidence with a high disregard for conformity, conventional thinking or common existence. They focus their energy like a laser and have a can-do must-do mindset. As a result, they spark their team members with hope to co-create a better future. Get ready to pivot and reignite your internal your team to re-emerge and see differently in the new normal.

In this fast-paced 60-minute webinar, you will experience a robust dialogue that will yield the following results:
Permission to innovate
Understand why connectedness is your new edge
A personal challenge to create and execute

Act like an Employee and Think like a CEO

Men and women with SPARK understand that a paycheck is given to people who show up, and opportunities are given to those who think and work beyond what they are paid to do.

This is a fresh way of thinking in 2020 and beyond. As CEO (Chief Execution Officer) of your life, you’re intentionally accountable to having a fluid career vision, high-performance behaviors, positive habits, and consistent execution. You have the uncanny ability to produce uncommon results in uncommon times.

Are you that person that the organization cannot live without?

Team Members with SPARK are transformational thinkers that positively impact everyone else around them by raising the vibrational level to produce tangible results. When everyone else is saying NO! Team members with SPARK find a way to say YES!

Men and Women with SPARK are leaders without titles who leverage relationship capital to do what is common in an uncommon way.

Men and Women with SPARK stop waiting for human resources to assign a new role and pivot from a job description to doing meaningful tasks.

Men and Women with SPARK fire themselves from their jobs and re-hire themselves as “intrapreneuers” intending to take their organization to the next level.

When I served as Sales Director at Disney Institute, I learned when I sparked moments for the people I was serving, I also sparked something in myself. I realize we spend so much time at work, if we’re going to revolutionize our lives, we have to leverage the moments we’re on the clock. Now, I’m dedicated to helping you uncover your inner fire and grow it each and every day. I want to teach you the mental algorithm to be a SPARK so that you can accelerate your results.

Key Takeaways for SPARK: Act like an Employee and Think like a CEO:
• How to upgrade your skill and stop waiting for the organization to do it for you.
• Be an Influencer who understands what’s happening at 30,000 feet and can execute at 500 feet.
• Build Relationships with the C-Suite through proximity positioning.
• How to leverage the eyes and ears of others throughout the organization.
• Follow the money by obtaining financial intelligence.
• How to understand and navigate the internal culture to get things done.
• Speaking is the New Marketing – learn how to use your mouth and mind to advance your career

Simon T. Bailey
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