Dr. Sidney Dekker | Professor, pilot, powerful and provocative speaker on Just Culture, Human Performance and Safety Differently

Dr. Sidney Dekker

Professor, pilot, powerful and provocative speaker on Just Culture, Human Performance and Safety Differently

Dr. Sidney Dekker
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Dr. Sidney Dekker
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Safety differently.

Today, we spend a lot of time on the work of safety and have lost sight of the safety of work. Safety Differently, embraced by multiple top tier organizations globally, offers a compelling alternative to the bureaucratisation and increasing compliance of work. It sees people not as a problem to control, but as a resource to harness. Safety Differently defers to expertise - not telling people what to do, but instead asking them what they need to be successful.

Safety Differently turns safety back into an ethical responsibility, instead of a mere bureaucratic accountability that supplies optimistic numbers to managers, boards and regulators. It doesn’t just want to stop things from going wrong, but discovers why they go well. Safety Differently helps you recognize and enhance the capacities in your people, your team and processes that make it so.

Human and organizational performance

There are different ways to look at the performance of your people and your organization. Humans are either the most unreliable element, undermining an otherwise well-built organization, and they undermine . Or your people actually create safe and efficient performance through their everyday practice—recognizing and adapting around the inevitable goal conflicts and resource constraints they have to deal with. Human performance problems come from somewhere. They are not the cause of your trouble; they are the effect of trouble deeper inside your organization. Decades of studies in human factors and resilience leave you with an easy choice. When trouble occurs, you can either blame or learn; you can ask who is responsible and get rid of them (until the next person does the same in the same circumstances), or ask what is responsible and fix things forever after.

Just culture and accountability

It is easy to build a retributive ‘just’ culture in your organization, asking about rules and violations and consequences. But it might well erode trust between the people you rely on for your organization’s performance. Trust is easy to break, and hard to fix. A restorative Just Culture, instead, focuses on learning, re-establishing trust and enhancing individual and organizational resilience in the wake of a negative occurrence. It asks who are impacted by an event, what their needs are, and whose obligation it is to meet those needs. It holds people accountable by creating conditions of psychological safety—so they can offer open and honest accounts of what happened.

Dr. Sidney Dekker
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Dr. Sidney Dekker

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