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Shelley Sykes is inspirational. A multiple award winning author, deemed one of the World's Leading Experts on Happiness and Empowerment. She is a serial entrepreneur, an expert by experience helping companies empower and educate their executives in a unique way, so that they can be more effective.

Shelley is hired by the Fortune 100 companies, United Nations, Governments and Universities as a Charismatic Speaker and Consultant, because her work is cutting edge. Many universities use her research papers. She is at the forefront in happiness and empowerment research, which yield sustainable results.

In her career to date, she has worked with stars such as Catherine Zeta Jones, interviewed Dream Achievers such as Nelson Mandela, Prime Ministers, Famous Artists, Billionaire Moguls, Olympic Champions, Philosophers such as John Demartini, Edward de Bono and Patch Adams. Shelley has been interviewed on Radio and TV to discuss her inspirational fun books on Love, Luck, Looks and Lifestyle. She has even been invited on the Oprah. She brings out the best in people and helps them hone their communication skills, gain more confidence and clarity.

As a Speaker she has shared the stage with many of the greats such as Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, spoken to audiences of 20,000 people at conferences and her TV and Radio shows have been aired around the world. Her business and personal development books have all won multiple awards and are establishing a cult following.

Her creative thinking strategies, successes as a serial entrepreneur, science background, parenting a special needs child, philanthropic work and experience in TV, Radio and the Music industry ensures her audiences are:

Entertained, Educated, Empowered and Enlightened.

She's described as ' a creative genius of our time...' by Dr Edward de Bono

Do you need to Empower Executives for Excellence? Does your company want to have the leading edge by learning how to match your people to their purpose with their passion? Or do you need to learn the latest strategies to empower your teams so they are less stressed and can cope under pressure? It's easy if you have Shelley on your side.