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What the Fire Ignited: Inspiring father of 10
Let 2019 be the year of opening your heart to new challenges: mental, physical and spiritual. This week's book recipient defines meeting an unfathomable challenge - adopting 7 siblings 2-12 years of age. Wilson Kanaday knew from an early age God wanted him to raise a big family...he never dreamed raising 10 kids was the plan. After having their ...
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What the Fire Ignited: Man to be admired
"He who has a why to live can bear almost any how." I learned this from my dad. He grew up hard and extremely poor - lived in 1st government housing project in the US, even slept in a school bus with his brother (Uncle Steve) one winter. By the age of 9 he was working to support the family. He never complained "life's not fair"; he simply did wh...
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The power of changing ONE HABIT.
Situation:30 pounds overweight, working 60 hours/week, 1 income and job in jeopardy, 2 kids under 2, barely "making ends meet";, stress extremely high, "too busy"; to work out and often feeling overwhelmed. Situation sound familiar? What if changingONE HABITcould alter your life a good way? What if by changing one habit you could t...
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5 steps to confidence… Burn survivor to top 5% ranked Ironman Athlete
One of the greatest gifts you can give a child or anyone for that matter is confidence. It's not easily bestowed. It is acquired through years of experience, both successes and failures. I'm a believer there is no better life teacher than losing. Trust me, I've done my share of losing and absolutely hate it. I'm a gracious loser but I will go ...
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Why Scars are worth more than degrees
It has always been said life is our greatest teacher. I'm a believer scars tell a story. I was fortunate enough to earn a Doctorate from the School of Hard Knocks in 1982 at the age of 8. With burns and burn related scarring over 65% of my body, the life of a normal kid was not a reality. The severity of the burns resulted in my right arm being ...
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