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Sharon Wood: Understanding the Potential Within Yourself

Sharon Wood

First North American Woman To Climb Mt. Everest

About Sharon Wood

Mount Everest was a culmination of an odyssey that began at age twelve when Sharon Wood's father took her up her first mountain. By the time she was seventeen she was devoting all her time to climbing. Laurie Skreslet met Sharon at Outward Bound and knew she was out of the ordinary. "It was obvious to me the moment I saw her that she was committed, grounded, determined, focused, persevering overflowing with potential."

Her first break came in 1977 when she joined an all womens expedition to Mount ...

The response to your presentation was outstanding. Your story-telling techniques, the amazing adventure that you endured and the way you are able to relate to current business trends within our organization made your presentation the most favored.

Jill Sanford - Victoria's Secret

Her down-to-earth manner combined with her Canadian sense of humor and breathtaking slides truly appealed to our audience. I had wondered how our employees would relate to a female mountain climber but her message applied very well.

Judy Schroedl - Qwest

Everyone was mesmerized with your talk and I am sure you could have heard a pin drop. Your message not only told a story but also really gave insight on goals, objectives and conflicts. And, everyone enjoyed it.

Sandie Harrison - Merck Frosst

I appreciated your flexibility in working with us to make this event such a success. Your story is remarkable and masterfully told, your ability to connect with each individual and have them on the edge of their seat throughout the session was incredible.

Todd Parker, President & CEO - Blue Spark
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