Shari Levitin Text Reviews

Outstanding presentation at Outbound 2018! Shari is entertaining, engaging and spot-on for today's sales leaders.
Jeb Blount, CEO - Sales Gravy Inc.
I, personally, applaud the effort that you invested in preparing for our event, for making sure the message was sound for Sodexo, and for the care you took with the details. Shari, you were a polished presenter. It's both the visible and invisible mechanics that make these events so successful. We noticed and we appreciate you!
Jeannette S. Munroe - North America Sales Enablement
You CRUSHED IT today on the Fusion-Futures virtual event. You probably already know that given you're an expert on virtual presentations, but figured you wouldn't tire of hearing it once more. The team here continues to rave about your training. Now we have to put all of that goodness into practice, practice, practice. Thank you again for being such a great partner and teacher.
Kelly Bozarth - President Futures Academy
Shari has been invaluable to our Harvard Professional Selling course. That's why we've chosen to use her book, Heart and Sell, as our textbook. Her "universal truths" are invaluable for sellers at all levels. They are timeless. My students love her memorable stories and accessible insights. Shari has 'rare talent' (you have to hear this story!) for sales training as well as life training. I am grateful to know Shari and appreciate her wisdom and joy. I enthusiastically recommend Shari to any organization that wants to improve its sales effectiveness.
John Westman - Harvard Strategic Selling