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Shari Harley, Accountability NSB Shari Harley, Accountability NSB

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Best speaker at the conference, no contest. Hands down . . . Shari Harley. If every business enterprise in America had a Shari Harley on staff, doublespeak and baloney would wither and die in short order.
Best keynote speaker ever at NCHRA. Only presenter I didn't tune out! This one made the conference for me - thanks! Thanks for the feedback formula. It will give me steps to take when I'm back at the office and I have o deal with conversations that are tough to have. Shari was a fantastic presenter; engaging and passionate about her subject matter. She had great examples of ways to apply her concepts in work & personal life. Great "how to" presenter. Please ask her back!
Northern California Human Resources Association
I have been going to meetings and conferences for 25 years and have seen many, many speakers. I was instantly interested, entertained, and learned something new, useful, and inspiring from you. You are talented, funny, and insightful. I will use your system and teachings not only professionally but also personally.