Shaherose Charania | Co-Founder & CEO of Women 2.0, One of Fast Company's Most Powerful Women in Tech

Shaherose Charania

Co-Founder & CEO of Women 2.0, One of Fast Company's Most Powerful Women in Tech

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Shaherose Charania
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Shaherose Charania
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Tech is missing something obvious

Technology has disrupted all of our traditional industries. In this talk, Shaherose Charania takes a closer look at this disruption and reveals a significant discrepancy that can’t be overlooked—men create technology, but women are its primary users and decisions makers. What can companies do about this missing piece and what do we see looking ahead that tells us the future will be different. All this comes from a decade of work building a global movement, brand and community of Women 2.0 which reached over 1 million women around the world and helped over 100 companies raise capital, of which, the top 30, diverse, pre-seed tech startups have gone on to raise over $100MM to date.

Design for Diversity

For years, tech has been reaching far beyond the urban, professional user. With an ever increasing diverse addressable market, how do you scale your product beyond well understood customer segments?

This talk is not just for designers, but also engineers, product managers, marketeers, sales and business development managers how wish to apply a human-centric approach to their work. You’ll walk away with an actionable framework you can use in your day-to-day to build empathy and understanding for the diverse users that you want to attract and retain for growth.

Values driven brand loyalty

In a divided world, consumers are starting to align themselves with companies that represent their personal values. Politics, civil liberties, race relations, LGBTQ movements, support for immigrants and refugees are now playing a part of a company’s brand and can affect loyalty and trust.

Some of the world’s most well-known companies have paid the price of not understanding what role values play in building trust and loyalty with your customers. While data may tell one story, it doesn’t show the true picture of brand loyalty. How do you build loyalty in this brave new world? This talk breaks apart the challenges of building brand loyalty in today’s world and how to approach the challenge of building your business and brand with your customer’s values at the core.

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Shaherose Charania

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