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Five-time tech entrepreneur, hyper-growth CEO, NY Times bestselling author and venture capitalist.
Latest Review
I again want to tell you how inspiring your words were. Your passion was absolutely magnetic.
48 Reviews · 8 Videos
Founder & Executive Director of Neuroscape, Professor in Neurology, Physiology and Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco
Latest Review
We were honored to host Adam as the keynote speaker for our inaugural PureTech Health Brain-Immune-Gut (BIG) Summit. His talk on "The ...
3 Reviews · 4 Videos
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Strategy and Innovation Expert, author of four business strategy books
Latest Review
Kaihan had over 700 business leaders captivated with his relevant content on how to build a business that disrupts your industry and distances ...
16 Reviews · 6 Videos
Best-Selling Author of "The Savage Truth On Money"
Latest Review
You brought a real energy and pace to the meeting and really maintained the interest of the delegates. You did a great job with encouraging ...
4 Reviews · 2 Videos
One of the World's Leading Technology Forecasters and Business Strategists
Latest Review
Daniel Burrus was fabulous! He received rave reviews from our participants for his relevancy, insight, expertise, and style. He's the only ...
11 Reviews · 7 Videos
Entrepreneur and #1 New York Times Bestselling Author
Latest Review
Ben’s message is exactly what today’s leaders need to hear about building an engaged workforce. He is an insightful and energetic speaker who ...
13 Reviews · 2 Videos
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