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Expert on marketing, digital disruption, innovation, trend curation. Professor Georgetown University: Digital Strategy & Storytelling. TEDx speaker. Bestselling author of five books.
Latest Review
The knowledge he holds in his head is like gold dust for any one trying to create a credible digital marketing strategy. In 30 minutes, he taught ...
4 Reviews · 5 Videos
Risha Grant is diversity personified!
Latest Review
We had Risha Grant in for our International event in Belfast in February 2018, and she was phenomenal. Risha absolutely crushed it, she is ...
5 Reviews · 2 Videos
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Former NASA Astronaut, First Person to Tweet From Space, and Bestselling Author
Latest Review
You crushed it! If you are looking for an engaging speaker with a great message reach out to Astro Mike!
16 Reviews · 6 Videos
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Award-Winning Educator, Author of Six Books, Subject of "The Pushouts" Documentary.
Latest Review
As Dr. Rios reflects on his own experience, he explains that he had someone believe in him so much, that they tricked him into believing in ...
4 Reviews · 4 Videos
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Olympic Gold Medalist turned Adventurer and Engineer
An Olympic Gold Medalist turned Adventurer and Engineer, Adam is a Social Entrepreneur who walks the talk. Adam is Chair the Board of Directors of...
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British Columbia  
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Member of MTV's Hit Show, The Buried Life
Latest Review
Ben's virtual keynote not only captivated the attention of our audience but evoked intense emotional responses that left everyone feeling ...
12 Reviews · 3 Videos
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U.S. Olympian, Former NFL Player and Business Leadership Expert
Latest Review
Each year our 500+ membership gears up for the year with a banquet including dinner, business awards, entertainment, scholarship recognitions and ...
6 Reviews · 3 Videos
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Generation X's Comedy Icon
Pauly Shore and the world-famous Comedy Store stages a comeback in TBS's Original Comedy Series, "Minding the Store," which premiered July 17,...
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Global Thought Leader Opening Minds to What's Next
Latest Review
I can always count on Jack to deliver a presentation that is inspiring, informative and relevant and he always seems to raise the bar with each ...
8 Reviews · 12 Videos
Motivational Team Builder - Engaging & Interactive
Latest Review
Thank you, Tim, that was a truly funny, motivation- al experience... a presentation built for the moment. Looking forward to working with you ...
49 Reviews · 6 Videos
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One of the World's Leading Technology Forecasters and Business Strategists
Latest Review
Daniel Burrus was fabulous! He received rave reviews from our participants for his relevancy, insight, expertise, and style. He's the only ...
11 Reviews · 7 Videos
The World's Most Famous Hacker
Latest Review
It is not what you know that is scary, it's what you don't know and Kevin Mitnick has a presentation that will demonstrate just how ignorant you ...
14 Reviews · 4 Videos
A leading expert with cutting-edge approaches to sales and consumer psychology.
Latest Review
Michael Solomon is a great resource on today's consumer and customer expectations. His presentation on building a brand that engages customers in ...
10 Reviews · 2 Videos
Expert in Performance Improvement through Disciplined Risk-Taking & Creating a Culture of Innovation
Latest Review
Jim McCormick set the stage for all of us to become stronger individuals in every aspect of our lives. By applying the principles Jim put forward ...
8 Reviews · 1 Video
High Impact Life-Changing Message for Youth
Latest Review
I appreciate the info you helped me learn about STDs. I know now that I can wait to have sex because I don't want to risk getting any STDs in the ...
6 Reviews · 1 Video
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Latest Review
Shari has been invaluable to our Harvard Professional Selling course. That's why we've chosen to use her book, Heart and Sell, as our textbook. ...
4 Reviews · 3 Videos
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New York Times Best-Selling Author, and Modern Day Will Rogers
Latest Review
In the first year of our relationship with Andy Andrews, Fairway doubled its business volume from $5.4 billion to 11.2 billion. The second year ...
13 Reviews · 3 Videos
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Terri Sjodin is the Principal and Founder of Sjodin Communications
Latest Review
…you do an excellent job teaching and motivating the seminar participants. Your energy level is infectious but, most importantly, your honest ...
6 Reviews · 5 Videos
Expert on Educational Trends and STEM
David is the Founder and Director of Global Operations for the Thornburg Center and co-founder of the Thornburg Center for Space Exploration. He is...
2 Videos
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Fox NFL Reporter and Media Consultant
For more than 25 years Laura Okmin has been covering the biggest names in sports on the biggest stages. But what Laura is most known for, and most...
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