Dr Seamus Phan GCSP

Dr Seamus Phan GCSP Dr Seamus Phan GCSP

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Seamus Phan, PhD

Dr Seamus Phan, based in Singapore, is Asia's leading thinker and practitioner in business leadership, Internet security, marketing, branding, and wellness, with more than 20 years of professional and training experience.

Seamus was nearly considered dead during his premature birth, and later developed structural left lumbar scoliosis (with a 50% chance of disability if he went for surgery, and possibly later day disability), severe myopia (technically blind at 1,300 degrees), asthma, severe allergy, and so on. However, through a disciplined life of diet, nutrition, meditation and exercise, he now keeps his medical and physical challenges under control.

He has been inducted in the 500 Profiles in Excellence, humbly amongst the likes of Nobel Peace Prize winner President Kim Dae-Jung (Korea), artist Peter Gabriel, "Seven Years in Tibet" movie director Jean-Jacques Annaud, Cardinal Jan Peer Schotte (Sec-Gen of the World Synod of Bishops), futurist Sir Arthur C Clarke, amongst others. He was also a Barons 500 Leaders of the New Century inductee, humbly alongside the likes of leading futurist and visionary Sir Arthur C Clarke and Bill Gates of Microsoft.

Seamus is a successful entrepreneur in highly specialized fields. He has co-founded successful international consulting firms, news bureaus and peak performance life coaching labs. Seamus started his entrepreneurial journey as a kid in junior school, where he sold his own "brand" of magic tricks, as well as customized brine shrimp eggs with specialized feeds, and sold to other kids. He now teaches professionals how to set up their own businesses, in a course "From Employee to Entrepreneur", based on the sell-out new book "Dot ZEN".

Seamus was the first Asian to be honored as a top business owner and coach by Business Owners' Idea Cafe, a web resource highly rated by Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Inc Magazine, Dow Jones, SF Chronicle and USA Today. He is a National Speakers Association (NSA) professional member, one of few in his country. He was also featured as a Brainstormer in Seth Godin's new eBook "BullMarket 2004" (featured on Fast Company).

Seamus has done extensive radio reporting and TV commentary work with stations such as TechTV, NewsRadio, Capital 95.8 FM, Channel NewsAsia, and CNBC.

Seamus is a recognized author. He co-authored with Ter Hui Peng, experienced publicist, their first joint book effort, Dot ZEN. Dot ZEN is a leadership and entrepreneurship book aimed at business owners, high-tech startups, knowledge entrepreneurs, and senior business executives, to help them see a whole new way of managing marketing, publicity, public relations (PR), branding, human resources, entrepreneurship, and the use of the Internet, in a non-aggressive, enlightened manner. The book is based on 30 years of collective experience between the two co-authors, when serving corporations and clients.

As a researcher and naturopathic philosopher with prior patent-pending graduate research, he co-authored with brother CJ, the bestselling "This Body This Life", which was featured in national radio, newspapers, lifestyle magazines, etc. He speaks frequently as an inspirational speaker on conquering physical limitations, mental blocks, and stress.

Seamus earned a doctorate in business with a dissertation on automated business process analysis with an Internet-based tool, and has done research and study in digital prepress and communication, computer-based training and distance learning.

More recently, he earned a doctor of theology at Newburgh seminary by distance learning, and wrote a dissertation on ministering in the East, with references to Jesuit priest Matteo Ricci and Trappist monk Thomas Merton. His dissertation and other seminary writings, as well as more papers on sacraments and pre-Nicene Christianity, were compiled and recently published in the book, "Contemplative Thoughts of an Asian Seminarian".

Seamus serves pro bono as in various humanitarian and non-profits. He had served in a Christian-led NGO as deputy secretary general for efforts in Cameroon. He also serves in the Order of St Paul pro bono, as well as the likes of Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD) and previously with the Rotary Club.