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Scott Harrison

Scott Harrison, Inspiration, Motivation, Top 10 Charity inspiration, Motivation Scott Harrison, Inspiration, Motivation, Top 10 Charity inspiration, Motivation
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Scott Harrison: INBOUND Conference

Scott Harrison

Founder and CEO of charity: water

About Scott Harrison

Scott spent almost 10 years as a nightclub promoter in New York City before leaving to volunteer on a hospital ship off the coast of Liberia, West Africa as a volunteer photojournalist.

Returning home to New York City two years later, he founded the non- profit organization charity: water in 2006. Turning his full attention to the global water crisis and the world's 663 million people without clean water to drink, he created public installations and innovative online fundraising platforms to ...

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The Story of charity: water

Seven years ago Scott Harrison started charity: water with a mission to bring clean drinking water to every person on the planet living without it. Learn from Scott's personal journey from New York City ...

Innovation by Design: New Rules for the Digital Age

When Scott Harrison started charity: water, his mission was to bring clean drinking water to every person on the planet living without it. In this riveting and inclusive presentation, Scott shares the ...

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Thirst by Scott Harrison
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"He runs charity:water like a great startup. He understands virality and evangelism better than most folks in the industry. He's disrupted the whole charity model."

Daniel Ek, Founder - Spotify

"Scott is disrupting charity by rethinking the foundation of it. And by applying it to foundational issues which solve many problems, not just one. He realizes that to truly change something, you must change yourself, and in this case, the organization you're building. charity:water is not just innovating how to track its effect around the world, but how charities should be run."

Jack Dorsey, CEO - Square

I've never seen a story quite like Scott Harrison's: A former club promoter, he has become one of the world's leading voices on water and sanitation.

Bill Gates

Congratulations to Scott Harrison on the publication of his book, Thirst, about the world's water crisis - and what we can do to solve it.

Mike Bloomberg

Congratulations Scott, wonderful seeing your journey so far and excited to see where you & charity water go next.

Richard Branson

Scott Harrison's great new book about the water crisis, his own personal journey and how we can all help transform our world.

Arianna Huffington
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Making waves in dry nations: Scott Harrison

First, a life purpose After working for a decade as a nightclub promoter in New York City, Scott Harrison discovered that the pleasures afforded by his lifestyle concealed a deeper lack of meaning. ...

Scott Harrison: How I helped bring millions of people clean water with charity: water

Scott Harrison was in his late twenties, living and partying in New York City as a nightclub promoter when he came to the halting realization that he was ...

How Charity: Water Uses Data To Connect Donors And The People They're Helping

The clean-water organization is pioneering new forms of accountability for their projects. BYBEN PAYNTER Most philanthropic galas are designed to celebrate the ...