Scott Burrows

Scott Burrows NSB, inspirational, motivational, change, adversity, leadership, safety, goal setting, accountability Scott Burrows NSB, inspirational, motivational, change, adversity, leadership, safety, goal setting, accountability

Scott Burrows Text Reviews

Each year our Global Sales Conference is literally our "Super Bowl" for the Celebrity sales team, it's the one time we're all together and our big shot at setting the tone for the upcoming year with a high energy and motivational message. Thanks to Scott Burrows, 2016 will be our best year ever! Scott's message of Vision-Mindset-Grit has literally transformed the way our team looks at challenges, sales goals and life. As a result of Scott's life changing message our team will never feel sorry for themselves and most importantly, NEVER STOP BELIEVING that ANYTHING is possible. If you want to truly inspire and motivate your sales team or team, Scott Burrows will over deliver at every level!
Keith Lane, Vice President of Sales: North America - Celebrity Cruises
The feedback on your presentation was EXCEPTIONAL! I/we could not have asked for anything better than what you delivered. Thematically, I could not have imagined a better presentation and how it tied into the journey that CONMED and its employees must undertake to regain our vitality in the markets we serve. As you know from our conversation 2014 was a tough year for the Company but really the battle had begun years earlier. To hear your story around vision, mindset and grit really put our challenges into perspective. I am very fortunate to have run into you in the airport and I thank you for taking the time to talk with me and then engage in this presentation. I have ha many years of special guest speakers.....your story was motivating, uplifting and engaging for the entire audience.
Curt R. Hartman, President and CEO - ConMed
I want to express my heartfelt thanks for the positive impact you had with your presentation at our National Convention in Branson. It was very important to kick-off our convention with a powerful message and your presentation on Vision, Mindset & Grit did just that! Thank you so much for sharing your story and challenging us with your message. Our attendees were moved, inspired and motivated by your presentation. Not only do you have an incredibly inspiring story with a meaningful message, but you are a gifted communicator and your humble character really impressed our audience. To be such a strong individual who has accomplished so many phenomenal achievements with so much determination and grit, and yet package that with your gracious and humble personality is so rare and challenged all of us to strive to be better people.
Steve Bonar, Executive Vice President - Conklin Company Inc.
Spellbound, entertained and inspired are just a few of the words that immediately come to mind when thinking of Scott Burrows and the impact he has with audiences. Focused on making sure his message is received to positively influence, challenge and add value to each audience member is Scott’s goal. I’ve had the privilege of hearing most of the domestic and international’s best and Scott Burrows is among the elite regardless of the ages in his audience, he delivers with incredible style. Standing ovations are great, but Scott is focused more on what each person is inspired to do when they walk out. More interested in “engagement” than entertainment, Scott Burrows delivers.
Raoul Quintero, President : Americas - Getinge Group
As Chairperson of the Securities and Financial Markets South/South Central District, I was responsible for finding speakers for our Annual Meeting. Our presenters have traditionally been industry insiders, but I wanted to try something different this time. I am very happy with the decision to hire Scott. He took the time to understand our industry and the issues impacting our members, and incorporated that into his own powerful and personal story. Our members were truly blown away by his moving narrative of overcoming adversity with determination, grit, humor, and the support of loved ones. We were all uplifted and inspired.
Bonnie Bishop, Vice President--Deal Manager - Raymond James & Associates, Inc
We all have challenges in our lives, but hearing Scott’s story puts it in perspective and shows us that with vision, mindset and grit we can achieve your goals. Scott’s story is an amazing one and his presentation is so powerful that makes a lasting impression. His presentation and message is appropriate for any age and can be applied to every aspect of our lives. I have already found practical applications in both my personal and professional life and am forever grateful to Scott for his message.
Bruce Butler - YPO Austin
VISION MINDSET GRIT is interesting, insightful and a fresh outlook on achieving the impossible. A must-read for every person who aspires to stay positive no matter what challenges arise. This is truly a great book!
Steve Gilliand - Best Selling Author of "Enjoy The RideTM" & Member, Speaker Hall of Fame
Scott Burrows is the kind of man that world champions will look up to. I know, because I am an two-time world champion, and he is MY hero! His formula for success is a proven way to accomplish your goals in life.
Don "The Dragon" Wilson - Champion Kickboxer & Actor
You hit a hole-in-one with our sales conference in Vegas!
Wow, did not see that coming. Incredible presentation!
Your story helps people take action.
No doubt the two standing ovations you received indicated the intensity of your talk. This is just what the doctor ordered to maintain motivation and momentum.
John Hancock
Your attitude and passion really are contagious.
Eli Lilly
Your tenacity and thirst for life had our attendees inspired to rethink their own capabilities in their current roles.
Scott took the information he gathered in our pre-meeting call and wove it seamlessly into his message, which made it relevant to each and every person in the room.
Chris Powell, Senior Vice President & GM - General Electric
The theme of this year's meeting was 'Believe,' and Scott's story blended beautifully with our meeting message. He seamlessly incorporated our client's name, goals and other key information into his talk.
Joyce Russell, President - Adecco
It was as though Scott had been working side-by-side with our General Agents, as he clearly demonstrated an understanding of the issues and opportunities they face.
J. Craig Collins, SVP - ING
Scott Burrows delivered one of the most talked-about sessions in Gordian history. His keynote presentation, which was based on his book Vision, Mindset, Grit: How to Stand Up When Life Paralyzes You, resonated with the over 450 people that were in the room. He inspired everyone through his incredible story of conquering life's challenges and adapting to change. He encouraged us ALL that we too can make positive changes when faced with unforeseen obstacles that could change our lives forever. Scott will make you laugh, cry and applaud in deep appreciation for sharing his story of how we can all maintain positive momentum in this thing called life.
Gordian Global Solutions
Scott's compelling story inspired the WSI audience of nearly 300 claims adjusters, policyholder services workers, safety specialists, other support specialists, supervisors and executives. Scott talked about turning setbacks into comebacks and pushing the limits of what is possible--told while using his physical paralysis as a metaphor and blending eloquent storytelling and witty humor. Scott's story of family and friends touched the hearts and minds of many in the audience. All Things Speaking was easy to work with in setting up Scott's appearance.
Bryan Klipfel, Director - North Dakota Workforce Safety Insurance
I was preparing for an upcoming conference agenda for my department, and I wanted to finish on a high note that would tie an inspirational message together with some of the business themes we have been experiencing. In talking with Scott, he quickly understood the nature of our business and some of the opportunities and challenges we were facing and was able relate that back to his experience recovering from his accident. We had a great conference, but Scott was undoubtedly the highlight as he absolutely captivated the audience and got several standing ovations. I can't recommend Scott highly enough if you are looking for someone who can motivate your team and help relate your company's challenges with those he has faced. Truly one of the best speakers I have had the pleasure of working with or listening to.
James Ford, VP, of Category Strategic Advisory - The Coca-Cola Company
Scott's presentation at our Annual Sales Meeting was outstanding. We couldn't have asked for more! Scott's Vision, Mindset & Grit message engaged and motivated the entire audience. He customized his message to incorporate our industry and products - something we've never had a speaker do for us in the past. This special touch made it even more meaningful to our organization. Scott's stories were unforgettable and uplifting, and his passion inspired us all!
Jeff Burik, Executive Vice President - Commerce Bank
Scott hits the sweet spot of sharing a story that is inspirational, but also one with lessons that can be readily applied in our personal and business lives--both delivered in a high-energy style that kept our audience thoroughly engaged.
Victor Bohnert, Executive Director - Think and Canon