Scott Waddle | Former Commanding Officer of USS Greeneville

Scott Waddle

Former Commanding Officer of USS Greeneville

Scott Waddle
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Failure is Not Final
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The Power of Integrity
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An inspirational leader with uncompromising ethical standards, Scott Waddle graduated at the top of his class at Annapolis. With 20 years of experience in the construction, maintenance and operation of nuclear-powered submarines, in 1998 he was handpicked from a highly competitive field of 250 naval officers to command the improved Los Angeles class Fast Attack nuclear submarine USS Greeneville. As commanding officer of Greeneville, he managed a 140-man crew. On the fateful day of February 9, 2001, Commander Waddle’s life was forever changed when he gave the order to perform an emergency surface maneuver that inadvertently caused the nine-thousand ton submarine to collide with the Ehime Maru, a 500 ton Japanese fishing vessel, killing nine people on board. Against the advise of his attorney and the Navy’s direction, he took responsibility for the accident. Commander Waddle’s compelling story about a tragic ordeal and the choices that followed is a lesson about integrity, faith and resilience.

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Scott Waddle

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