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Ryan Sheehy, Exclusive Premiere Be The One, principal, school Ryan Sheehy, Exclusive Premiere Be The One, principal, school
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Ryan Sheehy

Educator/ Leadership & Life Coach, Author of "Be The One For Kids" and Co-Author of Principals In Action. "You have the power to change the lives of others, together we can unleash that power."

About Ryan Sheehy

Ryan was raised in Southern California where he attended public school, private school, and was even homeschooled. He has seen and been part of all types of education systems, which gives him a different perspective.

He has an immense dedication for kids and for making sure all educators understand the power they have in a child's life. Ryan has been a physical education teacher, High School Vice Principal, and Elementary Principal, prior to becoming the Director of Human Resources for one of the ...

Ryan did a fabulous job kicking Harvest Elementary's school year off. His message of Be the One for Kids was exactly what our staff needed to hear to get their year started on the right foot. Ryan has a heart for children and it shows in his ability to capture his audience and get his message across. The ideas he shared with my teachers have already paid off and I can not wait to see where they go from here.

Chris Gunnels, Principal - Harvest Elementary

Ryan did an amazing job kicking off our back-to-school conference where we had 400 middle school educators. Ryan keynoted and feedback was extremely positive as Ryan helped set the tone for the year and reminded us all how we can be the one for kids make a difference each day. Ryan has a great message and his passion for kids and making a difference on a daily basis shines through. The message with 10 ways we can be the one for kids resonated and will be useful for educators. I highly recommend Ryan as a keynote speaker with his message for #BeTheOne for kids.

Jonathan Eagan, Assistant Superintendent - MDUSD

Ryan was our opening day keynote for the three elementary schools in our district; his message was purposeful and timely with regards to our shared focus. Ryan's presentation was tailored based on our discussions and personalized for the audience. Be The One For Kids is unique in that its message is truly inspirational while also written to ground all educators in the WHY we come to work every day; to be that person, in that child's life, who believes in them and will work tirelessly to see them succeed. It is now October and Ryan's message and book are still at the forefront of our collective work and the energy and passion within my building is infectious.

Ron Sanborn, Principal - Jaworek Elementary School

If you need, or even want, a speaker to talk to teachers about positive ways to Be The One for Kids, call Ryan Sheehy today! I had the pleasure last summer to have him speak to our district teachers about positivity, how to build relationships with students and just being there for them ALL OF THE TIME! What an inspiration for all of us Mr. Sheehy was and continues to be. I hear Be The One for Kids talk all over the building! He and his awesome message are referenced at my school consistently. At our first district professional development day, we talked about what we are doing to be the one for kids and made note cards, which are hanging in my office! It is so fun to see how teachers are reaching out to students like never before. His demeanor, humor, down to earth personality will ignite any person he is in front of. Our continued friendship and support is a blessing like no other.

Melanie Rucker - Dewey Elementary

Ryan Sheehy is a dynamic, engaging, inspiring, and personable speaker. He captivated our audience with relevant, universally-applicable principles and heartwarming stories of real student lives transformed. Ryan was enthusiastically received by our audience of nearly 300 attendees. Positive comments such as "Ryan Sheehy was great" were frequent in our conference feedback. I highly recommend Ryan as a keynote speaker.

Jeff Rice, Founder/Director - APLUS+

Ryan's presentation was captivating and inspiring to Be The One who can motivate and make a difference. His material is relevant and informative for all types of organizations. Ryan's knowledge of technology resources are superb and can be implemented the next day. The opportunities for collaboration made the presentation dynamic and engaging. Ryan's positive presentation style and message that every educator has the power to change the life of a child and his goal to unleash that power earns an A+!

Dr. Mary Leeds, Assistant Director - The Learning Choice Academy
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