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Rulon did an outstanding job! Not only was his speech great, but he stuck around for two hours to sign autographs. I would absolutely recommend him for another conference.

American Skandia

Rulon was an outstanding success at our meeting in Cancun last week. He did a great job. He really played to the audience and they loved him. His warm, open personality and sense of humor were evident both on and off-stage.

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

Rulon was a charmer. He is a very compelling speaker. He comes across as your all American hometown boy. We liked the tennis shoes. Another plus--he recites his presentation without ever going to the podium. His practice makes perfect. He was a hit.

Mechanical Contractors of America

. . . there he is, Rulon Gardner, conqueror of the great Russian . . . poster boy for plain livin'. When America looks in the mirror, this is who we like to see. He grew up on a dairy farm, for goodness' sake . . .

Paul Daugherty - from Gardner is a Guy You Can Like, Cincinnati Enquirer, June 2001

For over an hour he mesmerized them, telling them to avoid drinking& drugs. He encouraged them to listen to their parents, schoolteachers and other leaders. He told them to go for their dreams, do something better with their lives than cruise Main Street.

Terry Bennett - from Not to Big to Be Small, September 2000