Robert Langston

Robert Langston

Founder of The Dyslexia Educational Network

About Robert Langston

Robert Langston is a highly sought after author, speaker and consultant, in both business and education. He is routinely called on by major media outlets, such as Radio Disney, ABC News Radio, NBC and Fox television networks, for his expert advice. He served as a contributing editor to Psychology Today, for his insights into dyslexia. He is the author of For the Children, Redefining Success in School and Success in Life and The Power of Dyslexic Thinking, How a Learning DisAbility Shaped Six ...

Your Positive and Inspirational message was a real hit

David Altman- Vice President - Southern Company

I found his talk educational, inspirational and entertaining . . . a powerful combination.

Jonathon Basinger - Chairman Devereux Advisory Board President of Basinger and Associates

The Conference attendees were completely enthralled and inspired by his very provocative presentation.”

John A. Cherry - President - Georgia Federation Council for Exceptional Children

Rob changed my life.

Suzanne Travers -CEO - Vistage

Rob was one of the youngest speakers to become a Vistage resource and for good reason. Rob teaches Vistage members how to overcome internal and external obstacles while taking action to get what they want from their professional and personal lives.

Gary J Anderson (1934-2011) - Vistage "Master Chair"

I have never in my life witnessed someone telling two and a half hours of stories and keep the audience fully engaged while getting a message across. Kudos to you--Facts tell, stories sell, and baby, you SELL!

The Pond Guy
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