Richard Hawk

Richard Hawk, Safety NSB, safety, Stress Management Richard Hawk, Safety NSB, safety, Stress Management

Richard Hawk Text Reviews

Richard was a success here in Ukiah, CA. The employees loved him and want to know when he'll be coming back! So many of the employees loved his songs, in fact at the last NCO Governing Board meeting one of the employees started singing one of his tunes!
Tami Bartholomew - North Coast Opportunities
I had the opportunity to hear you speak at Southern Pines, NC when I was Safety Secretary for progress energy. I have always wanted to be able to lead meetings like you--in this respect, you are my hero!
Cynthia Thompson - Progress Energy
It has been several months since I attended your seminar in Orlando. There is one phrase that I have carried since then. "Tickle the hypothalamus." Your explanation of that small part of our brain, with the visual aid, has made me very aware of its power.
Mark Craven - Dade Paper Co.
This was my second time attending a "Richard Hawk Presentation." The first time was great and the second was even better! Great Job, I loved it!
Craig DeVillier - BP
I just wanted to say thanks for a great session. I asked them to tell me how they were going to put to use the things they learned from the conference and time after time they are quoting an idea that you gave them and putting it to work.
Tommy Burton, VP-Human Resources - AAA Carolinas
Richard was AWESOME! INTERESTING! And I can't wait to have him back! He was fun but very effective. He showed us many ways to use creativity as a tool. Tools you can use right after you heard him.
Jo E. Hogue - Equistar
Another great success. It was an excellent presentation and was well received by all, even our plant manager. Richard, you got me some real points!
Robert B. Elsen - ExxonMobil Refining & Supply Joliet Refinery
I have to say, you're the best speaker they've selected so far! I came home with lots of good stuff (including one "punching nun")! Thanks for all that you shared & for being such a fun guy to hang out with.
Sarah Hayden - PrideStaff Home Office
“Richard, It was a pleasure meeting you and spending a little time with you at the safety summit. I wanted to thank you so much for doing an outstanding job this last week. I received a lot of positive feedback on your presentations and I know our membership gained a lot of valuable insight from you --- you also carried creditability with everyone. Thanks Again for a great-great job.”
Bud Branham, Director of Safety Programs - NRECA
"You not only lived up to my expectations, you far exceeded them. Practical, insightful, funny and moving. Words can't even do justice to the information you gave us this week. You have inspired me to inspire others, as well as look at the way I handle things at work and in life. I can truly say that meeting you has altered my life in a way that is hard to explain."
Jamie Williams - S&W Ready Mix
“So there again, you've made a very powerful impact! Keep up the awesome work!!!”
Wyvette McLendon Safety, Health & Environmental Office - Johnson Space Center