Richard Hawk | World's Leading Expert On Making Safety Fun

Richard Hawk

World's Leading Expert On Making Safety Fun

Richard Hawk

The World’s Leading Expert on Making Safety Fun

It’s rare to find someone who is both a safety professional and an entertaining speaker. Richard Hawk has been in the safety and health field for over 40 years. He spent 15 of them as a safety professional in the nuclear industry and a safety consultant on construction projects. Richard’s background also includes theater, where he toured with acting companies and wrote a musical that Emerson College in Boston produced. His depth of knowledge and extensive experience make for content-rich, behavior-changing learning events that are genuinely “fun.”

Safety Expert

Richard holds numerous safety and technical certifications from various organizations, including the National Safety Council (NSC), the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO), and The National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists (NRRPT). He stays on the leading edge of the safety industry through his interactions with safety leaders in hundreds of organizations in various industries. These include energy, manufacturing, chemical, construction, healthcare, technology, retail, food services, transportation, government, and education.

Safety Industry Author

He is the author of four popular books: Spice It Up! 52 Easy Ways Turn Your Safety Meetings From Bland to Grand, The Safety Leader’s Guide Book, Just Imagine!, and 250 Super Bright Safety Meeting and Promotional Ideas. His articles are regularly published in safety magazines, and for ten years he has been a monthly columnist for the U.S. national safety magazine -- Safety & Health.

Safety Speaker, Trainer, and Coach

Richard has a talent for connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and industries. His experiences as a union and nonunion employee, manager, safety leader, and now successful business owner give him the insight to relate to people at all levels, from new employees to CEOs, truck drivers to scholars.

He has been a featured speaker at international conventions for Fortune 500 companies. He’s presented to engineers and plant managers in India and Dubai, Canadian CEOs, and Japanese technicians. Richard has been a popular keynote speaker three times at the NSC’s Annual Congress & Expo, the largest annual safety convention in North America.

Richard is an avid pool player and an accomplished musician and songwriter. He lives in Southern New Jersey with his wife, Jackie.

Richard Hawk
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Richard Hawk: Focus
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Using your personal energy to stimulate world-class safety Performance

Discover habits and skills that will make you a more powerful safety leader. You’ll learn how to spread your personal energy throughout your company and community to make good things happen. You’ll leave with the YOU POWER! know-how to improve your companies’ safety performance.

Create a Vibrant Safety Culture

Lead the Way to an Accident‐Free Workplace Leaders face a special set of challenges when it comes to safety performance. Not only do they have to understand a wide array of safety requirements, but they also need to possess the social skills to influence people to perform better. This engaging training session helps leaders develop those skills and create a vibrant safety culture that everyone will buy in to. Participants will learn how to increase their influence as a safety leader and better inspire employees to take to heart their company’s safety and health values. Give your safety program a tune-up and make your workplace safer, starting immediately. Your leaders will learn how to:

  • Maximize their personal impact and influence as a safety leader
  • Listen with purpose to find out what’s really going on in the field
  • Overcome the fatigue and apathy that blur employees’ focus and block their attention
  • Market and sell the benefits of your safety program to employees
  • Inspire and motivate employees to be proud of their safe behavior
  • Reduce employee stress, a common root cause of accidents and health problems
  • Develop a valuable in-house safety marketing plan that they will be able to use right away

Audience: Create a Vibrant Safety Culture is a must for any leader in your organization who has “safety” as one of their responsibilities.

Attack Stress At Work

Proven Methods for Handling Stress and Reducing its Impact on Performance It’s a fact that in today’s fast-paced world, we are expected to get more done with fewer resources. This kind of stress can affect people’s safety performance. In fact, according to the American Psychological Association, stress is a major factor in many accidents. During this in-depth training, participants will learn how to attack stress – the modern epidemic. Whether it’s stress due to a frantic work schedule or unexpected life changes, they will discover proven ways to handle day-to-day stressors. And, the workshop itself is a great stress reliever because it’s so much fun! Everyone attending will:

  • Recognize how potent stress is and how it develops
  • Discover how to handle pressure situations with minimal stress
  • Learn how to appropriately have fun at work
  • Understand that they have the power to change their outlook toward negative situations
  • Begin an active program of self-improvement with respect to handling stress
  • Utilize a five-step plan to minimize needless worry in the future
  • Leave with a cache of easy-to-use weapons against daily stresses

Audience: “Attack Stress at Work” will help anyone in your organization learn how to handle stress better.

Just Imagine!

Innovative Ideas to Keep Your Safety Program Fresh and Alive This mental workout will give you the power and the skills to create safety and health campaigns guaranteed to pump-up your employees. Let Richard take you on a surprising and wonderful ride that will strengthen your amazing imagination and hone your creativity. A stronger imagination will not only make you a better problem solver, but also give you the passion, know-how and ideas to revitalize all aspects of your safety program. Giving safety leaders fun and powerful techniques to liven-up their safety program is the main goal of this workshop. Through stories, exercises, demonstrations and songs, attendees will learn:

  • What it means to imagine
  • Why imagination is a powerful problem-solving tool
  • How some of the great “imaginers” from the past and present (such as Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci and Steve Jobs) developed their skills
  • Practical ways to hone their imagination and overcome obstacles that hinder imagination
  • Ways to use their imagination to improve their safety program and add spice to their meetings and communications
  • How imagination is a key factor in successful accident investigations

Audience: “Just Imagine!” is designed for anyone in your organization who needs to come up with fresh ideas and new ways to get your employees excited about your safety program.

Richard Hawk
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