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Brian Palmer: Senior Vice President
February 17, 2022

Brian Palmer

Senior Vice President

Bringing people together is one of the fundamental precepts of face to face gatherings and event owners often ask about ways their attendees can work on something together, produce something artful, create lasting memories.

Here are two speakers who have been persistent and effective for our clients over the years and, more recently, as we come together.

Nashville songwriter Jimmy Yeary has won Grammys and topped the charts. His latest #1 was Everything's Gonna Be Alright, a song he wrote for Kenny Chesney and David Lee Murphy. 5 Strategies to Songwriting AKA Building Valuable Relationships brings people together to create an actual song and models how working together can create beautiful music.

Jimmy's been called "one of the most engaging speakers in the country".  He teaches the lessons he has learned and the experiences he has encountered in his music career, usually working behind the scenes, and applies them to the process of creating results for businesses, organizations, and teams.

Artist Phil Hansen's career was brought to a halt when a neurological disorder made it impossible to draw a remotely straight line. But when a doctor changed his perspective by suggesting that he "embrace the shake" a world of opportunity opened for him and has led an extraordinarily successful career as an artist and the development of his highly regarded program: Embrace the Shake: Transforming Limitations into Opportunities.  

Phil’s powerful message of finding creativity within limitations inspires you to stop looking on the outside, and start looking inside yourself for resources that can transform your challenges into opportunities for success. And like Phil’s art, “Embrace the shake” isn’t just a talk, it’s an experience! Through jaw-dropping visuals and LIVE interactive art (Watch his video to see), his special sessions break preconceived assumptions, activate your creative capacity, and bring fresh ways of viewing the task at hand that will culminate with success. 

About Brian Palmer

For 41 years, I have helped my clients engage the hearts and minds of the people important to them.

Clients come to us for effective speakers for their events. We believe their goals are most important. Toward that end, we do not represent the speaker, we represent the person hiring the speaker. This frees us to focus on our client's best interest rather than an obligation to fill an exclusive talent's calendar or pocket.

In addition to the roles I've held at National Speakers Bureau:

  •  I have served on the boards of Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and the International Association of Speakers Bureaus (IASB), where I also served as President.
  • I am a contributing author to the 5th edition of Professional Meeting Management and numerous industry publications including MPI's The Meeting Professional.
  • I have delivered dozens of presentations for organizations including Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA), MPI, IASB, Project Management Institute (PMI), and International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE).