René Rodriguez | CEO & Founder of Volentum, Author of Amplify Your Influence

René Rodriguez

CEO & Founder of Volentum, Author of Amplify Your Influence

René Rodriguez

Considered by many as the leading authority on leadership and influence, Rene Rodriguez is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, leadership advisor, and transformational speaker coach. For the last 27 years, Rene has been researching and applying behavioral neuroscience to solve some of the toughest challenges in leadership, sales, and change.

As an entrepreneur and CEO of multiple companies, Rene integrates a practical business approach that inspires his audiences to take action. Through his keynote, bootcamps, workshops and proprietary Amplifii course, he helps us own our backstory to build the frame for not only our unique value propositions but also a beautiful picture of life.

His audiences describe him as "powerful", "thought provoking", and "authentic". They say things like, "you could hear a pin drop as everyone was so captivated."

The result: greater influence, personal transformation, and immediate results in business and life by engaging with courage and grace.

His Best Selling book AMPLIFY YOUR INFLUENCE can be found on Amazon and all major retailers.

René Rodriguez
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René breaks down the neuroscience of influence. He personally guides you step-by-step through methodologies that create influence from the front of the room, in meetings and one-on-one. You will learn - and put into practice - Rene’s proprietary 3-step process to become a more powerful presenter, communicator, and influencer. Highly interactive and immediately applicable.


A complete transformation of how you speak at meetings or in front of audiences
A powerful 3-step approach to influence behavior and drive action
The secrets to powerful storytelling
Inspiration and understanding of how to lead and communicate more effectively


The world is embracing new interpersonal dynamics in business. To succeed, leaders need to understand and leverage the hidden drivers of behavior in a way that engages not only their people, but their customers as well. René will provide actionable insights that can be immediately adopted. As a result, you can expect new behaviors, new results, and new revenue - that lasts.


An applicable understanding of the neuroscience of leadership
Specific tools to take back to the workplace and home
Proven methodologies that inspire deep engagement
Simple ways to create trust quickly


Somewhere out there, your competition is planning their attack. Are you prepared? The world of selling has changed and old tactics/techniques won’t cut it in today’s marketplace. People don’t want to be seen as consumers. They are much more savvy and the bar has risen to be successful in the modern sales. This awakening’s objective is to link recent brain research findings with practical tools and underlying wisdom that can be used in any selling situation to maximize results.


Six Money Making Activities
Understanding how the brain helps or hurts the sales process
Research-based methodologies for driving action
Sales wisdom and philosophies
Differentiating between an order-taker and sales professional
Goals for every client interaction
Hidden drivers of buying behavior

René Rodriguez
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Amplify Your Influenceby René Rodriguez

Amplify Your Influence

by René Rodriguez

René Rodriguez
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René Rodriguez

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