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Rene Carayol, DEI Rene Carayol, DEI

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A huge thanks for this afternoon - I think you really helped us turn a corner today. The onus is on us to now deliver the change we want to be! We have had terrific feedback - below is one example. Very much hope we can keep you on our leadership journey - it's been a pleasure and privilege to hear your insights and share your own experiences.

Tommy Nagra, Director of Content - BBC Children in Need

It is our privilege to you have you [Rene] as part of the 'MLN' team, your passion for the M&L agenda is infectious! Your insights and understandings are inspirational. Your contribution to the success of the morning is immeasurable. Thank you so much and as you say another Belfast memory for us as well.

Bill Manson - Podiem

Rene has made a significant and tangible difference to how we build and align our top teams, and pushed us to lead a lot more and manage a little less. In the two years he worked with the President and his direct reports, they have been totally transformed.

Sean McGrath, VP of HR - The World Bank

Rene has continuously assisted me and my team in better deploying our Spikes that has made us a much better and stronger team - and it has made our very challenging targets so much more fun.

Nomkhita Nqweni, CEO of Wealth Management - Barclays Africa

We were recommended Rene by Jim Yong Kim (President of The World Bank) to help my recently assembled Senior Management Team to accelerate our alignment and become far more performance-driven. Suffice to say that we have him on a two-year retainer to work with both myself, my team and or Board of Directors.

Akinwumi Adesina, President - African Development Bank

Rene has been my personal executive coach and has worked closely with my direct reports over the past two years - he has pushed us to transform ourselves into a high performing team.

Garry Sinclair, CEO - CWC (Cable and Wireless Caribbean)

Rene presented to the ILM recently and it was refreshing to hear some simple logic and well-constructed content on how to get the best performance from staff and teams. I enjoyed the charismatic style and confidence on the topic of Spike.

Neil Sutch, Vice President - Kymeta Corporation, FinstILM

Thank you for sharing your insight with us. You've helped me to reflect on what strong leadership means and, more importantly, why it matters. Leadership is no longer about the leader. We cannot simply focus on instilling in others a sense of confidence in ourselves. We need to shift more towards instilling a sense of confidence and passion in others so that we strengthen collectively. Thanks for illuminating a new path on what continues to be a fascinating journey.

Curtis Baron, Managing Director - Barclays