"This is the day I take my life back..."

Boston Marathon bombing survivor, mom, speaker and superwoman Rebekah Gregory crossed the finish line again at this year’s Boston Marathon! Two years ago, Rebekah was at the finish line of the marathon when the bomb exploded and one year ago she was pushed across the finish line in a wheelchair at the 1k Tribute Walk. Amazingly, she completed the race after just three months on her prosthetic leg. 

“..this year the only thing hitting the pavement will be my running shoes..”


As she made her incredible recovery, Rebekah's story impacted thousands of people around the world. Thousands rally on her Facebook page to offer words of encouragement and support. It’s no wonder that the motto 'Rebekah Strong' has spread so vastly among her fans, family and friends. 

Rebekah Gregory: Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor, Author of “Taking My Life Back” and Founder of Rebekah’s Angels Foundation.

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