Randall Munson | Experience the Magic of an Extraordinary Speaker!

Randall Munson

Experience the Magic of an Extraordinary Speaker!

Randall Munson
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DIVERSITY - Everyone Smiles in the Same Language!™

A Fresh, Uplifting Perspective on Diversity! Experience the magic of treating people the way they want to be treated.This is a diversity program that is encouraging and fun. Very different than the diversity programs that make you feel bad or afraid of unintentionally offending someone. It's a diversity program for those that are tired of diversity programs.

Your Webinar SUCKS!™

How to Make Your Webinars Powerful, Productive and Profitable! Experience the magic of successful web seminars.This is a very popular program for organizations that want to do high-quality webinars for marketing and sales and for associations that want to do effective webinars for their members.I'm still looking for video demonstrating my ventriloquism for you, Michael, for your client looking for an emcee with ventriloquism. I just got the DVDs of the "Magic of Selling" seminars I did in Bahrain recently for which I used ventriloquism with audience members as puppets. It brought down the house on the full-day seminars but so far what I've seen on the DVDs is not clear enough to be used outside the context of the sales training.

Your Economic Stimulus Plan!™

Use Humor to Lift Morale and Boost Your Bottom Line!

A depressed economy with discouraged workers and a challenging business climate is no laughing matter. Laughter, however, may just be the best medicine to take for the condition.

Want to elevate the morale of your people? Let them experience a surge of motivation in a room filled with uproarious laughter.

Want to boost your business? Discover the benefits of employing humor at work including improved productivity, innovation, teamwork, communication, stress relief, job satisfaction, and employee retention.

Don't kid yourself; learn why many of today's top businesses succeed by taking humor seriously.

Founder of Laugh at Work Week, corporate executive, best-selling author, educator, and comedy magician, Randall Munson, delivers award-winning presentations to organizations across 6 continents.

Let Randall's punch line improve your bottom line when your organization is stimulated, motivated, and economically enhanced.

- The Top 10 reasons to laugh at work
- How humor improves morale
- How to use laughter to build teamwork
- Why successful businesses integrate fun into their basic beliefs
- How to use humor to reduce stress
- Why fun reduces absenteeism and increases employee retention
- Ways that laughter improves health
- How laughter will increase innovation and cultivate creativity
- Tips and techniques to accomplish your goals through the power of humor


How to Boost Your Creativity, Increase Your Innovation and Enhance Your Success. Experience the magic of renewed creativity!

Serious Business of HUMOR!™

How to Integrate Humor Into Your Work and Your Life. Experience the magic of laughter!

The Magic of SELLING Technology!™

How to Make Your Competition Disappear. Experience the magic of increased sales!

How to Deliver a GREAT Presentation!™

How to Make Your Presentations Clear, Credible, Concise, and Compelling. Experience the magic of powerful presentations!

Turn ECONOMIC Change Into Dollars!™

How to Deal with Change Effectively and Profitably

Worldwide economic forces are shifting. Uncertainty is mushrooming. Anxiety is swelling. Whether we tend to accept or resist change, there is nothing we can do to stop its relentless, accelerating pace. We struggle to survive as we ride the rapids of economic change. Former corporate executive, best selling author, educator, and entertainer Randall Munson shifts his listeners' perspective on change, through a skillful blend of compassion, humor, and logic. Using magical effects to illustrate his concepts, he opens people's minds to the power and profitability inherent in making changes. Participants will take away a new sense of empowerment, along with practical techniques for thriving in times of economic change.

Learn how to:

• Recognize the impact that accelerating changes have on you

• Develop insight into why you resist change, welcoming it instead

• Regain perspective and personal control when buffeted by changes

• Implement specific strategies for maximizing the benefits of economic change

• Thrive on change, by discovering its positive potential

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