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Randall Munson

Imagine an exciting motivational speaker who's also an experienced business executive, a best selling author, an insightful teacher, and a gifted entertainer.

Randall Munson is all of these, delivering messages that have a powerful impact on audiences and organizations around the world.

Randall's refreshing blend of inspiration and practicality, delivered with warmth, humor, and magic, has propelled him into the Speaker Excellence Hall of Fame. He has been the double-header presenter with such international figures as former IBM CEO Lou Gerstner and Prime Minister of Israel, and Nobel Laureate, Shimon Peres. Not surprisingly, Randall has garnered more than 60 Gold Medals in the International Speaker Olympics, an IBM Award for Excellence, and is listed in the Who's Who of Professional Speaking. Randall Munson has been named a Certified Speaking Professional, a designation held by less than 7% of the professional speakers in the world. He has been selected as one of "The Worlds Greatest Business Mentors."

SHARE, the world's first organization of computing professionals, presented Randall Munson with the first Distinguished Speaker award at their international conference. Martin Timmerman, president of SHARE, presented Mr. Munson with the Distinguished Speaker Award at the SHARE Conference at the San Jose Marriott in recognition of the exceptional quality of his presentations.

Randall Munson is the first person in the 53-year history of the organization to receive this prestigious award.

Randall Munson's messages stem from a rock solid business foundation: an IBM Program Manager and an IBM Executive Advocate, who for 20 years led IBM research and development projects with management, architecture, education, and marketing responsibilities. He also held an executive position for 5 years in the Target Corporation. Randall is listed in the International Who's Who of Professionals. He is former Vice President of Administration at Crossroads College and member of the Board of Directors of Hope International University. He is the founder and president of Creatively Speaking .

Randall shares his insights from platforms around the world and through his writing. He is the author or co-author of eleven books including the best seller Create The Business Breakthrough You Want. He has published numerous articles and a monthly column in an international technology magazine. His acclaimed electronic magazine, Business Magic!, is read monthly by thousands of decision makers in all 50 states and more than 70 countries around the world who want to experience the magic of Randall Munson's creative insights, ideas and inspirations for themselves and their businesses.

Randall Munson has a flair for conveying complex, abstract, and potentially dry information in a manner that's engaging and easy for the audience to grasp. Called by many a "natural teacher," he has designed and taught courses for the IBM Advanced Business Institute, IBM Management and Technical Education, Asia/Pacific Marketing Masters Seminars, and serves as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Wisconsin. Randall holds an M.S. degree in Computer and Information Science from the University of Minnesota.

Randall's talents as a master magician, ventriloquist, and clown contribute to his ability to captivate audiences in many settings -- including Bally's Grand in Las Vegas, Walt Disney World and The White House. He has made televised appearances internationally and has been featured on major network broadcasts. Randall has won 30 national and international entertainment awards, and his likeness has been displayed in the Clown Hall of Fame and the Smithsonian Institution.

Randall Munson turns your team into a dream team: enthusiastic, confident, and ready to initiate. He delivers a refreshing blend of inspiration and practicality, sparkling with warmth, humor, and magic. Randall gets audiences worldwide to laugh, think out-of-the-box, and become more productive.

Whether he's speaking in Paris, Sao Paulo, Beijing, or Tokyo, Randall's warmth and humanity require no translation at all.

DIVERSITY - Everyone Smiles in the Same Language!™

A Fresh, Uplifting Perspective on Diversity! Experience the magic of treating people the way they want to be treated.This is a diversity program that is encouraging and fun. Very different than the diversity programs that make you feel bad or afraid of unintentionally offending someone. It's a diversity program for those that are tired of diversity programs.

Your Webinar SUCKS!™

How to Make Your Webinars Powerful, Productive and Profitable! Experience the magic of successful web seminars.This is a very popular program for organizations that want to do high-quality webinars for marketing and sales and for associations that want to do effective webinars for their members.I'm still looking for video demonstrating my ventriloquism for you, Michael, for your client looking for an emcee with ventriloquism. I just got the DVDs of the "Magic of Selling" seminars I did in Bahrain recently for which I used ventriloquism with audience members as puppets. It brought down the house on the full-day seminars but so far what I've seen on the DVDs is not clear enough to be used outside the context of the sales training.

Your Economic Stimulus Plan!™

Use Humor to Lift Morale and Boost Your Bottom Line!

A depressed economy with discouraged workers and a challenging business climate is no laughing matter. Laughter, however, may just be the best medicine to take for the condition.

Want to elevate the morale of your people? Let them experience a surge of motivation in a room filled with uproarious laughter.

Want to boost your business? Discover the benefits of employing humor at work including improved productivity, innovation, teamwork, communication, stress relief, job satisfaction, and employee retention.

Don't kid yourself; learn why many of today's top businesses succeed by taking humor seriously.

Founder of Laugh at Work Week, corporate executive, best-selling author, educator, and comedy magician, Randall Munson, delivers award-winning presentations to organizations across 6 continents.

Let Randall's punch line improve your bottom line when your organization is stimulated, motivated, and economically enhanced.

- The Top 10 reasons to laugh at work
- How humor improves morale
- How to use laughter to build teamwork
- Why successful businesses integrate fun into their basic beliefs
- How to use humor to reduce stress
- Why fun reduces absenteeism and increases employee retention
- Ways that laughter improves health
- How laughter will increase innovation and cultivate creativity
- Tips and techniques to accomplish your goals through the power of humor


How to Boost Your Creativity, Increase Your Innovation and Enhance Your Success. Experience the magic of renewed creativity!

Randall Munson
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