Rachel Tobac | CEO of SocialProof Security, Ethical Hacker

Rachel Tobac

CEO of SocialProof Security, Ethical Hacker

Rachel Tobac

Rachel is an ethical hacker and CEO of SocialProof Security where she helps people and companies keep their data and money safe from social engineering threats.

A winner of DEFCON's wild spectator sport, the Social Engineering ‘Capture the Flag’ contest, she was also one of the first to correctly predict and unpack the infamous 2020 Twitter hack in real-time while providing recommendations to the public to help other organizations avoid disastrous social engineering attacks in the future. In her spare time, Rachel is the Chair of the Board for the nonprofit Women in Security and Privacy which where she works to advance women to lead in the fields. Rachel has shared her real life social engineering stories with NPR, Last Week Tonight with John OliverThe New York TimesBusiness Insider, CNN, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt and many more.

Rachel Tobac
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Hacking in the Age of AI
How AI, Voice Cloning, and ChatGPT Has Changed the Way We Hack

In the past year, we've witnessed a paradigm shift in hacking with the advent of powerful AI algorithms, AI voice-cloning capabilities, and the accessibility of ChatGPT. These AI innovations have revolutionized the way hackers operate, presenting both unprecedented challenges and opportunities for the cybersecurity community. Join us as we explore live AI hacking demonstrations, discuss the implications of these hacks on your organization, and how you can still catch these hackers in the act -- even in the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity.

Inside the Mind of A Hacker

Have you ever come across a phishy email trying to take advantage of you? What about a phone call that just doesn't seem right?

Rachel Tobac, executes these types of attacks for a living! But she's not a criminal, she's an ethical hacker -- launching successful social engineering attacks to train others on the up-to-date methods criminals use to gain access to your money, data, or systems, before the criminals get there first. Rachel's fun and fast-paced hacker stories from the field will arm you with current examples of real attacks and the skills, scripts, and best practices to catch hackers like her in the act.

Exploiting Trust - The Human Element of Security

Security protocols are often built on trust -- trust which is exploited by attackers like me. From email to phone communications, attackers study how to insert themselves within your trusted circle and protocols to leverage that trust against you. This keynote will dive into the anatomy of trust exploitation in real world social engineering attacks, walk through step-by-step examples of attacks happening during COVID-19, and the steps you can take to protect your data, money, security, and privacy from real world attackers, even during a global crisis.

How I Would Hack You

This customized and interactive keynote on social engineering focuses on attacks we're seeing in the news, security awareness, and how to protect your team and company from cyber criminals, with a live hack demo at the end! This engaging event features multiple hacking demos, up to date hacking examples Rachel has used to infiltrate companies as a white hat hacker and how to catch her in the act. After Rachel walks through the principles of her attacks, she'll then demonstrate a safe and personalized simulation of how she would hack you -- live! No need to fear, Rachel doesn't actually access your systems during this demo, but you'll learn everything a hacker would do before they would implement their methods in an controlled and engaging way. By the end of this light-hearted and informative demonstration, your organization will be prepared with real-life action steps to catch the next cyber criminal in their tracks.

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Rachel Tobac

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