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Being Your Own Secretary: Organized Management in the 21st Century An Empty In-Box: Productivity Without Mess & Stress How Did I Get Here? Understanding Disorganization, and Turning it Around Right Place, Right Time: Balance and Productivity through Organization The Time Management Myth: Real...
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“Stress, Neuroscience & Productivity”
When you’re overwhelmed and feeling stress, it’s hard to stay focused and productive. But understanding neuroscience and the physiological responses of your brain gives you new tools to regain calm and be effective at work. You’ll learn six simple strategies to boosting brain performance, why...
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Electronic Organizing
· Process e-mail, find documents, and make sense of the server
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Neuroscience & Productivity
· Understand the brain, learn to consciously manage brain responses to workplace demands and stress, increase performance, health, and job satisfaction
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Productive Communications
· Navigate changing priorities, get what you need, and learn to say “no”
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“Streamlined Productivity” (aka “The Basic Organizing and Time Management Workshop”)
The hours in a day are finite yet the demands on your time seem limitless. How can you effectively get your work done when you’re pulled in so many different directions? This workshop will put you back in charge of your day so you can focus on what’s important. You’ll learn six steps to managing...
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Office Organizing & Time Management
· Create space, find files, and schedule effectively
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