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Phillip Van Hooser

Phillip Van Hooser is passionate about developing intentional leaders who can effectively engage and empower their employees to deliver powerful results.

A seasoned leadership expert, keynote speaker, and author for over 35 years, Phil has shared his leadership process with individuals and organizations around the world - with extraordinary results!

A Hall of Fame keynote speaker and six-time author, Phil’s unique conversational style and relatable storytelling captivate audiences while empowering them with the fundamentals they need to unlock their leadership potential and elevate others.

Phil’s insight, candor, and experiential understanding of leadership have made him a trusted guide to any individual or organization ready to level up their leadership.

Phillip Van Hooser
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Phillip Van Hooser
Featured Keynote Programs

We Need to Talk
Building Trust When Communicating Gets Critical

This commonsense keynote equips the audience with six unique communication strategies for building trust when relationships and results are riding on the words they say and the way they say them. This program is perfect for executive, established, and emerging leaders:

  • Needing to communicate difficult decisions about downsizing, layoffs, or restructuring due to rapid or unexpected business changes
  • Experiencing distrust, disloyalty, and declining engagement due to changing values of the workforce or changing workplace demands
  • Tasked with creating a cohesive culture following mergers and acquisitions, leadership shifts, or market changes

Keynote Takeaways

  • Tried-and-true strategies for communicating difficult, unpleasant messages in a way that strengthens relationships rather than damages them
  • Strategic approaches to rebuilding the believability quotient when truthfulness hasn’t always been practiced
  • Active listening and communication methods that build rapport, empathy, and trust with employees and customers

Choose to Lead
Steps Leaders Take to Intentionally Create Positive Impact

This culture-shifting keynote inspires the audience to take responsibility for their leadership impact and empowers them with the mindset and methods for making decisions that create stronger teams, better communication, and a more significant impact. This program is perfect for executive, established, and emerging leaders:

  • Stressed by their lack of skills and confidence or afraid of making the wrong decisions when leading multi-generational employees with diverse backgrounds and attitudes toward work
  • Challenged to rapidly equip, prepare and retain high potential employees for transition into management/leadership roles as the labor market tightens and their current leaders exit
  • Needing to build a cohesive culture of trust as they navigate mergers, acquisitions, and rapid change 

Keynote Takeaways

  • A fresh outlook on the critical role that intentionally choosing to lead plays in elevating individual and organizational leadership effectiveness
  • A powerful model for improving the quality and appropriateness of organizational decisions made
  • The 5 bases of decision-making and actionable methods for making decisions that deliver better results.

Moving Up, Moving On
Succession Planning for Continuity and Long-Term Growth

Succession planning is vital to an organization’s long-term success, but the why, what, who, and how of planning for a transition can be difficult to navigate. This inspiring keynote offers a practical perspective on the challenges and opportunities surrounding succession planning while leaving a legacy of impact and assuring a future for continued excellence. This program is perfect for executive, established, and emerging leaders: 

  • Struggling to adopt the “letting go and letting others” mindset needed for effective succession planning
  • Burned out from carrying the load themselves but unsure how to identify, trust, train, and ultimately transition a competent successor
  • Wanting practical insights into successfully navigating the human element of the succession planning process.

Keynote Takeaways

  • A practical 6-step process for successfully empowering employees for top-level management and leadership
  • Actionable insights on identifying and leveraging opportunities to strengthen their professional relationships through intentional communication
  • A fresh, multi-demographic approach to succession planning and developing the next generation of capable, equipped leaders

Too Busy for Details
Strategies to Solidify Leadership Connection

The strategies presented in this engaging keynote equip audience members to evaluate their effectiveness at building authentic employee relationships and elevate the way they listen, communicate, and engage with their people.This program is perfect for executive, established, and emerging leaders: 

  • Dealing with broken trust, disengagement, conflict, or low productivity due to changing workplace demands or a disjointed organizational culture
  • Preparing for management transitions brought on by reorganization or demographic, market, or culture shifts
  • Anticipating rapid growth that will require high levels of teamwork, collaboration, and empowerment

Keynote Takeaways

  • A better understanding of why employees want authentic connections, how these connections affect engagement and performance, and how to establish those connections
  • Steps to improve active listening and open communication and build greater respect, trust, and authenticity
  • Engaging examples of what to do and what not to do to solidify trusting, cohesive relationships that improve employee performance and retention

Phillip Van Hooser
Featured Books

Earning the Right to Be Heard: Sell Your Ideas, Build Your Influence, Grow Your Opportunitiesby Phillip Van Hooser

Earning the Right to Be Heard: Sell Your Ideas, Build Your Influence, Grow Your Opportunities

by Phillip Van Hooser

This is your practical, step-by-step guide to selling ideas, building influence, and growing opportunities in the most effective manner possible.

What causes decision-makers to really listen to what you have to say? It can be very frustrating when the gatekeepers to your personal and professional success seem disinterested in your thoughts and suggestions. You can’t assume that good ideas will yield positive results, nor that a strong desire will enable you to surmount all obstacles and objections. You have to understand the decision-making process—the psychology behind why people say “yes” to some propositions and not others—and use this information to motivate the right people to take action.

In this book, you will learn how to earn the right to be heard, as well as how to use your newfound influence to get more of what you want. Communication, persuasion, and negotiation do not have to be mysterious processes—all you have to do is package your ideas in a way that ensures key players will not only respond favorably to your advice, but seek it out in the future. Earning the Right to Be Heard offers the time-tested information, tools, and techniques for mastering the art of building influence, including how to:

  • captivate your audience and set the stage for communication success
  • demonstrate your credibility and competence
  • anticipate, and prepare compelling responses to, the questions all decision-makers must have answered
  • inspire action by convincing others to adopt your perspective
  • maximize your impact through follow-up and results analysis

Let Earning the Right to Be Heard help you discover the sweet spot of strategic communication so that you can gain respect and authority, attract more professional opportunities, and become a decision-maker yourself.

Leaders Ought To Knowby Phillip Van Hooser

Leaders Ought To Know

by Phillip Van Hooser
We Need to Talkby Phillip Van Hooser

We Need to Talk

by Phillip Van Hooser
Willies Wayby Phillip Van Hooser

Willies Way

by Phillip Van Hooser

Phillip Van Hooser
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