Phil Hansen

Phil Hansen education, artist, Differentiation, creativity, change, innovator, NSB Phil Hansen education, artist, Differentiation, creativity, change, innovator, NSB

Phil Hansen Text Reviews

“Phil Hansen offered our sales team an uncommon, uncharacteristic and unexpected twist on traditional meeting presentations. His message was innovative, imaginative, and left us wanting more!”
Shawn O’Grady,President, Sales and Channel Development - General Mills
There are really smart speakers, there are really inspirational speakers, and there are really human speakers. Phil is all three. Can’t wait to hear him again!
Brian Lewis, CEO - International Society for Technology in Education
Phil Hansen is a master storyteller and shares his personal journey of challenge and triumph with sensitivity and humor. He is an engaging speaker who can connect with any audience. Phil is also one of the most creative artists I have seen. You never know what he will pick up next to make into a surprising and inspiring work of art.
Barbara Shepherd, Director of National Partnerships - The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Phil will wake up your employees in a way you as a leadership team cannot.
Lars Dalgaard, Executive Board Member - SAP
Ryan, I want to begin by thanking you for your help in arranging for Phil Hansen to serve as a keynote speaker at our Annual Education Summit yesterday. His message was not only inspiring, it melded perfectly with the overall theme of the Summit .. I reiterate that Phil's presentation was just as promised, both in content and message.
Kim K. Metcalf, Ph.D. - Professor and Dean, College of Education University of Nevada Las Vegas
Phil's heartwarming story, awe-inspiring artistic talent, and ability to connect with every person in the audience had our attendees totally focused on the stage. And, importantly, he was fabulous to work with
Executive Director at a healthcare organization
Through Phil Hansen's story "Embracing the Shake," he shares how his belief transformed from a challenge to an opportunity. This connected with our diverse audience, who all have different roles within our organization but could relate their work to his inspirational story. The audience laughed, oohed and ahhed as he revealed his artwork through storytelling. Phil left us with the message of "Embracing the Limitation" and finding one's creativity when faced with challenges. The audience's favorite part was creating the collaborative art piece with over 700 people, through which we believe Phil was able to capture the essence of our organization, making a difference.
Lorisa Pombo, Director of Elementary Initiatives - American Charter Schools Foundation and Kaizen Education Foundation
All I can say is "wow"! It's been over a week since my Weichert sales team participated in Phil's "virtual experience" and they are still talking about it. At a time when a team can feel limited, he helped us to look beyond those limitations and imagine the possibilities. The motivational nature of the program was unbelievable, but the real magic was the interactive portion of the presentation. It was engaging and provided practical strategies to discover how we can approach creating ideas and solving challenges.
Weichert Realtors
Awesome setup, made it feel like we were right there with him with the video production that he does. His interactive presentation was engaging and our team really seemed to love that part of it. I like the fact that we'll have something tangible at the end of this that we can incorporate into small things internally. I was watching our audience numbers the whole time. There was no drop-off.