Pedro Noguera Ph.D | Author, Executive Director, Metropolitan Center for Urban Education & Co-Director, IGEMS

Pedro Noguera Ph.D

Author, Executive Director, Metropolitan Center for Urban Education & Co-Director, IGEMS

Pedro Noguera Ph.D
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Pedro Noguera Ph.D
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Equity and Deeper Learning

While the movement for standards and accountability has largely succeeded in bringing greater attention to the issues surrounding student achievement (i.e. the fact that poor students, students of color, English language learners and students with special needs are consistently performing at lower levels), surprisingly little attention has been given to the strategies and conditions that are necessary to make achievement more likely. Missing from much of the policy debate related to achievement is how to support and cultivate effective teaching in schools and how to motivate and engage students. This presentation will describe strategies that have proven effective elsewhere at supporting teaching and learning for all types of students. It will also explore how schools can develop strategies to support teachers in their efforts to raise achievement.

Educating Immigrant Youth During a Period of Xenophobia, Hostility and Hysteria
What Educators Can do to Create Safe Havens for Youth

The ongoing political debate over immigration policy has created a hostile climate in many communities for immigrant youth and their families. Increasingly, educators are finding themselves at the center of this debate, and many are uncertain about what they can do to effectively educate and support immigrant youth. This presentation will address the present political climate and describe what educators can do to insure that immigrant youth receive the education they need and deserve. Drawing upon research and best practices from schools throughout the United States the presentation will show what schools can do to meet the needs of immigrant youth.

The Role of Leadership in Building the Capacity of Schools to Meet Student Needs

Educational leaders who succeed in serving the needs of all their students must find ways to pursue excellence and equity simultaneously, and to create conditions in schools that address the academic and non-academic needs of children (i.e. health, nutrition, safety, etc). For this to occur, leaders must have a clear sense of how to systematically build the capacity of schools to meet the needs of the students they serve. This presentation will describe how such strategies are being implemented successfully at a small number of successful schools in the United States, even in the most disadvantaged communities where the needs are great. It will also provide concrete strategies for school leaders to develop effective partnerships with community organizations and parents that can help in furthering efforts to raise achievement and transform the culture and performance of schools.

The Role of Parents in Raising Student Achievement

A vast body of research has identified parental support as a key factor influencing student attitudes toward school, college attendance and overall achievement. Despite this evidence, many schools have experience considerable difficulty in engaging parents as partners in the educational process. In many cases, minority and immigrant parents and parents of students who are not succeeding in school are least likely to be involved in school. This presentation will examine strategies that have proven most effective at eliciting parent involvement and developing strong partnerships between parents and schools. Drawing on research and evidence of best practice from schools and districts that have been successful, the presentation will provide practical guidance on how to create the kinds of partnerships between parents and schools that are most likely to further student academic success.

Pedro Noguera Ph.D
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Pedro Noguera Ph.D

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