Brent and Kyle Pease | Four-Time Ironman Triathletes, Empowering Athletes with Disabilities

Brent and Kyle Pease

Four-Time Ironman Triathletes, Empowering Athletes with Disabilities

Brent and Kyle Pease
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Speaking Reel
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Together We Wheel
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Brent and Kyle Pease
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Together We Wheel

From the very beginning, the Pease family found a way to include each family member in everything they did. "When there is a wheel there is a way" was the family motto, and

"Together We Wheel!"; was their battle cry.

In this heartfelt keynote the Pease brothers entertain audiences with stories about growing up Peasey, and how it meant living a life of doing all within your power to succeed, and to also ensure that no single person is ever left on the sidelines.

They show attendees the profound ways a family proved that by illuminating and including individuals with disabilities they were able to find and reveal who they truly are.

Through the Pease brothers' unbreakable bond, they show us how individual and team focus, determination, and spirit are the keys to achieving and accomplishing feats others might say are impossible. Their incredibly inspirational story of brotherly love and desire for inclusion will instill hope and provide guidance for corporations, students, educators, faith-based groups, athletes, moms, dads, and special needs' individuals.

There is a powerful message for all that is applicable to so many facets of life.

Audiences members will:

  • Be motivated to think of ways to include themselves or their team in all aspects of life
  • Find ways to overcome challenges and embrace the knowledge that
    "When there is a wheel there is a way"
  • Be inspired & learn to understand what is truly possible and to find their own way to overcome obstacles!
  • To find opportunity in every challenge, while instilling hope and empowering leaders to motivate others to create positive change.
  • To put into perspective the challenges we think are so overwhelming.
  • To give them a unique perspective on perseverance and challenging themselves
  • Envision their success and how it translates to real-life day-to-day activities.
    Leave with pertinent life lessons they can apply to redefine what their possible is.

Find Your Finish

This engaging keynote takes audiences to a whole new outlook on their lives, helping them realize that finding their finish is possible despite whatever challenges lie ahead.

This amazing journey started when Kyle watched his brother finish the Louisville triathlon. He counts it as "one of the most transformative moments in [his] life." Kyle asked his brother "Can people in wheelchairs do IRONMAN?". Brent never hesitated with his response; the answer was a resounding "YES!". Even though finishing an IRONMAN was something that had never before crossed his mind, from that day forward Kyle wanted in.

Allow America's most highly recognized team of brother/brother triathletes to take you on their journey from their first race, through the multiple "NOs", to the final "YES" from KONA, getting to the start line, the ups and downs to the finish line, and beyond. Throughout this inspiring keynote, the Pease brothers provide a glimpse behind the scenes of the different challenges they faced and overcame to find their finish at the Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii.

Attendees will:

  • Define what their personal finish line is, and what it looks like, and be inspired and motivated to pursue it!
  • Understand how the path to success is often the same, regardless of the goal that is being pursued.
    Recognize that when they have a goal and they remove themselves from "it" then they can find their own personal finish.
  • Show that anything is truly possible when they believe and set their mind to it.
  • Clarify what success looks like to them and how to keep their focus, determination, and spirit as the keys to achieving it.

Kyle and Brent Pease, two brothers with an indelible bond, tap into the soul of the individual, helping each person to believe that anything is possible; they show us all what the power of the human spirit is all about.

Follow their journey, start yours, and come away inspired.

"Win, lose, or draw, leave it all out there on the course and show the world that anything is possible." - Kyle Pease

Brent and Kyle Pease
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Brent and Kyle Pease

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