Patti Leviton

Patti Leviton

The uses of Guided Imagery to Heal body/mind/spiritl

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Palm Springs, California, United States
About Patti Leviton

Patti Leviton, M.A., CHT, has 20 years experience with Guided Imagery. A former stockbroker and trader, Patti had a miraculous healing from cancer over fifteen years ago and now devotes herself full time as a Certified Hypnotherapist, working with numerous cancer groups, women's support groups and weekend seminars with her husband, Dr. Leviton.

A popular and entertaining speaker, she has presented her story at international conferences and seminars. She is a board member of The American Holistic ...

Patti's stories and poems brought forth laughter and tears and validated the power of words to heal. A gifted speaker.

Suzan Walter - President, American Holistic Health Assn

. . . Patti provides easy-to-understand insights about the mind/body/spirit complex. Her astounding personal story about recovery from cancer, clinical anecdotes, poems & stories are a mosaic of hope for the hungry human spirit.

Andrew Gentile, PhD - Clinical Psychologist, New York

. . . I have witnessed Patti's unique ability to faciliate the transformation of lives including my own, thru her guided imagery, poetry & inspirational stories. Her words as an extraordinary speaker are an essential part of any recovery program . . .

Marilyn Joyce, MA, RD - Author of 5 Minutes to Health
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