Patrick O'Dooley

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Patrick O'Dooley Bio

Patrick O'Dooley's goal every time he speaks is to make the meeting planner look good by giving audiences more than they expect. Because of his unique style, a blend of human excitement and information custom-tailored for each organization with his pre-program questionnaire, Patrick O'Dooley has set himself apart from a crowded field of competitors.

Since Patrick became a full-time speaker in 1980, he has spoken over 2000 times to corporations and associations in all 50 states and 7 foreign nations.

From Patrick O'Dooley's background as a college athlete, military officer and pilot, to his very successful years in business with IBM and Steelcase, he brings specific "how to's" to his audiences that they can relate to and start using immediately.

Most of his clients are either repeats or referrals. This helped him become a Certified Speaking Professional, the highest designation given by the National Speaker's Association, where he also served as a member of their board of directors