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No he's not an actor, and his national television viewers know it! In fact, that's one of the many reasons they trust him. For nearly two decades, Pat Simpson has been recognized as national television's home building and remodeling expert. His earlier years of hands-on building experience led into television in 1988 when he hosted the national home improvement series, Backyard America, on TNN.

In 1994 when HGTV (Home & Garden Television) launched, Pat became Host of one of the first series in their lineup, Fix-It-Up! Since that time, new shows were created and he became Host and Technical Director of two more hit series, Room To Improve, and the show by which all others set their standards, Before & After.

Pat Simpson not only became a household name, but due to his knowledge and laid-back style, he quickly became home improvement's Real Deal! No, he's the first to admit that he's not an actor...and it's obvious that his viewers like it that way.