Mort Crim

Mort Crim

Broadcast Journalist, Author and Businessman

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Florida, United States
About Mort Crim

As a professional speaker, Mort Crim draws from the thousands of interviews he's conducted during a lifetime in journalism to show his audience that happiness and success are never a matter of life's circumstances. With stories of personal courage and triumph, Mort shares the lessons he has learned from people who have truly found the secret to leading a happy life.

Mr. Crim is the creator and host of three daily radio programs that were broadcast throughout the United States and Armed Forces Radio ...

Charles is a talented psychologist who gives practical, humorous, down-to-earth approaches to business communication, understanding relationships, and life.

Dough Witham, Dir. of Information System - Masco Corporation

The survey results following this year's meeting had one clear message--Mort Crim made the difference!

Kurt J. Bauer - Ford Motor Credit Company

Your presentation at AEC's 50th Annual Meeting last month was a smash! You delivered exactly what you promised--an inspirational and though-provoking talk.

Rand A. Baldwin, President - Aluminum Extruders Council
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