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Developing Passionate Leaders, equipping them with the skills to succeed

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Michael A. Podolinsky CSP

Michael A. Podolinsky CSP is a master at Leadership Development. He develops the people who develop people, teaching them how and where to focus for success. Working with audiences from 8 to 8,500 people across 6 continents in 32 countries, he impacts over 11 million people, just like yours!

Presenting, facilitating and running productive meetings
Setting priorities for leadership and their people
Building teams that achieve their goals on time
Planning for success in the long and short term
Getting 20% to 50% MORE done in less time
Effectively communicating with their team
Motivating using 21st century psychology
Coping with and profiting from change
Leading creatively and by example
Dealing with difficult people
Delegating professionally

Leadership Productivity
Persuasive Presentation Skills
Team Building and Motivation
Management & Leadership Skills
Strategic Planning & Goal Attainment
Leadership Communication Development


EXPERIENCE IN BUSINESS: 27-year business owner (22 years in the Asia-Pacific region), award winning sales person and president of associations, he shares real-world, practical skills and knowledge, garnered in the 32 countries he's worked in, helping leadership transform their people. He was awarded both the Ronald Reagan Gold Medal for Business Leadership and the Business Man of the Year award.

EXPERTISE: Michael authored 12 books on these subjects!
'Mining For Gold'. teaches team leaders how to get feedback from even the quietest employees. 'Smart Leadership', 'Go For Your Goals', 'Winning At Work', & 'E-mail & Voicemail Tools' influence 100,000 leaders worldwide to get results and grow profits.

CSP: Michael is the first Certified Speaking Professional living in Singapore and one of only 4 in all of Asia and the Middle East out of over 560 worldwide! (recognized by the International Federation For Professional Speaking)

Technology: IBM (3 continents), 3M, Toshiba, Tyco, Philips Electronics, Seagate, Nokia, CISCO Systems, HP, Microsoft, Adobe, NXP Semiconductor, JVC

Finance: Prudential, AIA, Great Eastern, HSBC, AXA RE, Tenet, UOB, Maybank, Citibank, OCBC, Temasek Holdings, Manulife, Arab Malaysian Life, Public Bank

Hospitality: Singapore Airlines, Shangri La / Hyatt / Sheraton / Holiday Inns, The Datai Resort, Andaman Hotel, Genting Highlands Resorts World, Starcruises

Industry: OSRAM, JVC, Caterpillar Asia, duPont, BP, Shell, 3M, Ameron, General-Dynamics, Siemens Building Technologies, Tyco, Honeywell, Ameron, BP, Shell

Education: MOE, SIM, SIM University, NUS, Temasek / Ngee Ann / Nan Yang Polytecnics, U of M, NIE, Hamline University, Belleville Area College, APSS, NSA

Government: MAS, MHA, FBI, Singapore Navy, US Marines, Prime Minister's Office -Singapore, United Nations, Singapore Air Force, South African Police, IRS

Medical: Schering-Plough, SGH, GSK, 3M Medical, Medtronic, Telectronics & Cordis, GE Healthcare, Sanofi-Aventis, West Pharmaceuticals, CGH, Philips HC

Others: DSTA, DSO SingPost, Fuji Xerox, Hill & Knowlton, Delphi, Pepsi/Frito-Lay, Coldwell Banker, JobsDB.com, Young President's Organization, JTC, Retail Management Institute of. Australia, Sydney Convention & Visitor's Bureau, Cerebos, DFS,, BAX Global, L3 Communications,, Times India, Octoara (Pakistan), Navigos Group (Vietnam), PT Winner Garment (Indonesia), Morgan's (Mongolia)

Michael A. Podolinsky CSP
Featured Keynote Programs

Montai Magic... The Professional's Secret Weapon!

(customised for insurance agents... Michael will customise for your business and your people)
Discipline #1 The Discipline of Perpetually Learning

In this discipline we examine what the professional Life Agent needs to focus on, ON GOING RE-EDUCATION. Today, any agent NOT using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software or Sales Force Automation (SFA) is going to be run over in productivity by the agents who ARE using these tools. We also discuss 4 kinds of agents and ask them which describes the professional and which group do they fall into. (Thought provoking.) In this discipline, I have a female volunteer (pre-selected) to come on stage with me. I teach her two karate punches and have a bit of fun with her.

Discipline #2 The Discipline of Flexibility

Every agent needs to be flexible today in thinking, approach, openness to change, flexible with changes in Old Mutual (commissions, policies, cutbacks, add-ons, etc.) Here the entire group stands and does a toe touch exercise. We relate, as a metaphor, physical flexibility to mental flexibility.

Discipline #3 The Discipline of Distraction

Many negative types we encounter, in the office and prospects who reject what we propose, can drain the agents enthusiasm to sell. Here is a way, using martial arts principles, to distract these negative types, getting them off of negativity and on to positivity. Again, I use a female volunteer, teaching her a karate yell on stage. The group loves this.

Discipline #4 The Discipline of Being Natural

Sales has to come from the heart. When we become bored, uninspired, sales suffer. Either change your attitude or change your job. Many people say it looks greener in the other pasture. I share with them, that's because they use more manure! The greenest pasture is probably right where we are at. We need to plan ourselves in as better seeds, cultivate and bloom, blossom and grow where we are planted as professionals. My third volunteer, a 125 KG male is unsuccessfully picked up from behind, the wrong way. Now, using the RIGHT way, he's hoisted up on my shoulder and I run around the stage with him. This demonstrates when you do it the natural way, the way from your heart, it's EASY.

Discipline #5 The Discipline of Intent

Raw motivation. Do it like your life depends upon it. A couple of powerful personal stories make this most serious point come through loud and clear.

Discipline #6 The Discipline of Understanding

Understanding what you are in this business for, what a spouse is doing in a relationship, what our purpose in life is gives us perpetual motivation. Working for the wrong reasons can hold back our productivity and cause us to lose the things and people we hold most dear through a lack of focus. Here, my last volunteer, the largest male you can find, chokes me around the throat with two hands. You cannot muscle your way out. Understanding the true purpose is to get him to LET GO, you can find a number of ways of escaping easily. (Eyes, nose, groin, etc.) It's a bit of fun with a man possessing a sense of humour. Again, it's a metaphor to help us internalize the message.

Having completed the 6 disciplines, we now highlight 6 barriers to our success. Each “barrier” is condensed to a word, stenciled on a one inch by 6 inch by 12 inch pine board. These boards are stacked on two supporting bricks, one at a time as I discuss each barrier.

Barrier #1 The Lack of a Consistent Written Plan

Barrier # 2 Improper Time Management

Barrier #3 STRESS!
(In this barrier, every person is given a stress stone to take back with them as a permanent reminder of the session. The message, “Three purposes behind the stone: 1) Stone the speaker if you don't like what you hear. (They laugh) 2) Use it as a “worry stone”, rubbing on it under times of stress and pressure. 3) It is not an ordinary stone. It comes for the island of Japan. It is called Mihama Koishi. Mihama is the town it comes from and Koishi simply means “pebble.” The stone has not been polished by anyone but by washing up on the shores of Japan for centuries, the abuse, bombardment of the waves makes it a highly polished thing of beauty. Keep it with you as a gift from me to remind yourself, the next time you feel abused, bombarded or harassed by the people, places and things in YOUR environment, that's what makes YOU highly polished and someone of even greater beauty and value. Never EVER, lose sight of that value. You are far too important for that.”

Barrier #4 Fitness
Barrier #5 Change
Barrier #6 Fear

Having discussed these barriers, a quick energy gaining review and I take my hand and 24 years of martial arts experience (it will be 25 years in September), and break ALL 6 BOARDS AT ONCE! As the wood flies all over the stage, I leave them with, now go out and break through your own barriers. May the Montai, the disciplines, work a little magic, in your own life!

Get Hungry, Purposeful, Committed and Focused

In this talk, you will learn HOW to Get Hungry, Purposeful, Committed and Focused as well as WHY they are essential for your success in selling / Leaership / (whatever your goal is).

You will also learn to use Professional Pride and what you have to sell that no other agent on the planet has to offer AND it is worth a premium amount. The goal is to help your attendees to regain their enthusiasm for work, life, sales or whatever you go after.

Proactive Time & Stress Management

30 minutes to 4 days in length
Topics include:
• Planning your time profitably to accomplish twice as much every day
• The secret of focus and how to maintain it
• How to say “NO!”
• Eliminating worry from your life and putting that energy to better use
• 12 critical steps to making meetings productive and get results flowing AFTER the meeting
• How to control or eliminate paperwork
• How to control e-mail and set up systems that WORK
• How to eliminate SPAM (Michael’s 2004 audio book on this subject is world renowned)
• How to control your office space, your telephone (desk and mobile) and your desk
• Taking advantage of “down time”
• Power packing your personal time
• Coping with multiple bosses and tasks
• The importance of grouping tasks and trips for peak efficiency
• Organizing your work and personal life
• The importance and essentials of risk taking
• The 80 / 20 rule and how to capitalize on its magic
• 5 essential delegation steps
• Essentials for managing and leading others, whether you are a manager or not!
• 10 ways of dealing with your boss, customers and your organization to stay in control
• Why you want to be a “cat” and not a “dog”
• 5 Essential elements of goal setting and goal getting
• The difference between Urgency and Importance
• A sure-fire method of prioritizing that works for you, family, work team and your boss
• How to stop procrastinating and how to become punctual to propel your career forward!
• Skills and secrets to eliminate 80% of all your time and productivity draining interruptions
• How to deal productively with stress and make it work for you, instead of against you
• The 5 “F’s”… and how to balance work, social life and family responsibilities
• 21 ways to pamper yourself

Who must attend: Managers, executives, team leaders, organizational heads, entrepreneurs, sales and marketing people, government employees, school officials and anyone wishing to get more out of life and to get more done in the time they have available.

Objective: Learn how to control your life and your time and get more LIFE out of the time you have on this planet. Be more effective at work, not just busy. Discover how you can take control of interruptions, handle risks, eliminate worry, cope with stress, build a more successful career and enjoy a life and lifestyle second to none. You CAN have it all, if you implement the skills and concepts we teach in this life changing programme.

50 Sales, Marketing and Motivation Ideas to DOUBLE Your Sales in One Year!

30 minutes to one full day (shorter than 0ne-Day will have fewer points)
To share in ONE DAY 50 tips, tools and techniques to build your business from the ground up, to re-engineer an existing business or to stimulate any sales professional to earn more, sell more and enjoy more. This programme is a full arsenal of ideas to implement immediately. Even if HALF of them did not apply to you or your business, the half that DO apply can make you a fortune.

Workshop Topics;
1) Definition of a sales and marketing professional
2) How and why to become a student of your customer.
3) How to upgrade a sale.
4) Sales letters that sell!
5) No More Proposals!
6) Follow-Up/Follow-Up/Follow-Up
7) Multi-unit sales mean multi-profit.
8) How to cost justify your sale.
9) How to get around on Purchasing Agents
10) Barter builds businesses (and sometimes boards them up too.)
11) How to keep 'em sold...
12) Telemarketing do's and don'ts.
13) Pre-qualify to pre-sell.
14) Gaining favorable attention.
15) Developing the client's interest.
16) Creating desire in the client.
17) Getting the client to ACT.
18) 10 dynamic closes.
19) How to develop a strategic marketing plan of action.
20) Be a full line sales/marketing pro!
21) 5 "P"'s.
22) It's wise to advertise.
23) Cold calling for cash.
24) The best times for a direct mail campaign
25) How to Advertise for FREE! The story of Philip
26) Be a parrot!
27) Referral sales.
28) How to get and use TESTIMONIALS! E-testimonials, paper testimonials, photo testimonials, video testimonials
29) Don't leave money on the table.
30) Tell 'em what they already know. Three ‘R’s’ to sales effectiveness
31) SWOT yourself and the competition. Turn your weaknesses into strengths.
32) Specialize to maximize.
33) You can sell through others.
34) Market to your target market.
35) Get to know your public relations!
36) Go after bigger sales.
37) Have you looked at your database lately? CRM and other options
38) Develop repeat business by staying in touch
39) What Customers really want and how to give it to them.
40) How to turn price shoppers into sales.
41) Never give a client an _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!
42) Market by psychology… NOT schedules: Flighting Ads
43) Make your goals and targets stick
44) What it takes to earn financial independence and financial freedom
45) How to stay motivated even in slow times
46) Personal sales talks to give yourself
47) BOOST your health and your energy to sell more
48) Why it’s critical to avoid negative people
49) The best times of the day to sell and why you never want to miss them
50) Attitude: Your key to success
YOUR best sales/marketing ideas!

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