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Professor Michio Kaku

Professor Michio Kaku, Futurists NSB Professor Michio Kaku, Futurists NSB
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Professor Michio Kaku: The Next 20 Yrs: Interacting with Computers, Telecom & AI in the Future
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Professor Michio Kaku: Introduction to the Future

Professor Michio Kaku

Theoretical Physicist, Professor, Futurist and New York Times Best-selling Author

About Professor Michio Kaku

Dr. Michio Kaku is one of the most widely recognized figures in science in the world today. He is an internationally recognized authority in two areas. The first is Einstein's unified field theory, which Dr. Kaku is attempting to complete. The other is to predict trends affecting business, medicine, finance, and our way of life, based on the latest research in science. He has written four NY Times Best Sellers. His latest is the Future of Humanity, which projects the future of the space program ...