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Accelerating Change
Change is occurring at a blistering pace, leaving many businesses unprepared. Wave after wave of technological breakthroughs have revolutionized entire industries overnight. Wrenching political changes around the world are bringing new opportunities and fresh risks. Competition in global markets...
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Champions of Innovation
Is your firm leading, managing and creating a culture for innovation success and business breakthroughs in this new global marketplace? Innovation is essential to compete in the global arena. To stay ahead of the curve, organizations need to redefine the rules of innovation and build a culture...
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Building Competitive Advantage
Rapidly changing technology, quick market saturation, unexpected competition, and economic uncertainties - these all make succeeding in business harder than ever today. Companies that are ahead of the curve have a high intensity and consistent focus on markets, customers and competition. Building...
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Leadership...in the Eye of the Storm!
A changing business environment requires an increasingly high level of human performance within an increasingly complex business world. Leadership…in the Eye of the Storm details cutting-edge tools and strategies leaders use during turbulent times to tap and optimize the talents and skills of...
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Lessons from Legendary Leaders
Throughout history, great leaders have understood that change brings tremendous opportunities as well as fresh risks. In this presentation, you will learn how great leaders throughout the ages…from the ball field to the boardroom, from politics to science, learned to survive- and even thrive-...
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Creating A High Performance Culture
The company that dominates in today's tough business climate will be the one with the most energizing vision, soundest business strategies, most empowering structure and culture, and most talented leadership team. The key to success is designing a total system of improvement in which these key...
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Breakthrough: Organizational Learning
Today's knowledge explosion and the galloping pace of change demand an unprecedented learning response from organizations. Rapidly evolving technology, diminishing natural resources, increasing global competition, and a more diverse workforce - all are changes requiring organizations to learn...
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Developing Human Capital
Today's hyper-competition has eroded many traditional sources of competitive advantage. Technology can be copied or appropriated more and more quickly, economies of scale and scope are less important in a rapidly changing marketplace and a global business environment makes it more difficult to...
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