Dr. Michael Burcham | Legendary Health Care Executive and Industry Leading Entrepreneur

Dr. Michael Burcham

Legendary Health Care Executive and Industry Leading Entrepreneur

Dr. Michael Burcham
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Vanderbilt Leadership Series
Time 29:40
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Dr. Michael Burcham
Featured Keynote Programs

Thinking Like a CEO

To become a successful executive, you must begin by learning to think like one.

Why do some executives seem to succeed naturally while others fail? More importantly, how can you learn the secrets of successful leadership while avoiding the pitfalls that beset many? It all starts with learning to think like an executive. While the concept seems quite logical – very few rising leaders have been taught the critical thinking skills necessary for true executive leadership.

This program will provide you with valuable insights into the role and skill sets of extraordinary executives. What are the most effective leadership styles and management techniques of effective CEOs? Thinking Like a CEO will show you how to be – or support – the senior leadership so that the entire organization succeeds.

You Will Learn To:

• Improve your own decision making skills
• Engage more effectively with your key stakeholders
• Evaluate your organization’s readiness to execute a strategy
• Create a personal leadership improvement plan
• Leverage your leadership strengths to work through others
• Advance your executive presence

Target Audience:

• Executives who want to build around their existing expertise
• Rising executives who want to enhance their senior leadership knowledge
• Senior staff with aspirations to advance on the leadership team
• Managers who want to better understand how to work with C-Suite leaders

The Future of Health Care

The Future of Healthcare is Built Around the Consumer, Not You.

Healthcare organizations are rethinking their role(s) in the new healthcare economy. Social, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies are the underpinnings of new business models that fuse technology and traditional services. These new models will fundamentally alter how healthcare organizations interact with patients and one another to deliver care and manage health while keeping costs down.

Cash-rich companies are creating new opportunities with startups – designed to disrupt and invade the healthcare venture space – nibbling at the edges of the traditional healthcare ecosystem. Technology, retail and hospitality models are being used to engage the consumer directly and leverage the workforce.

It’s an awesome time to be in healthcare.

You Will Learn To:

• Advance your own understanding of the healthcare market
• Identify core components of healthcare’s new business models
• Evaluate your organization’s readiness for this new future of healthcare
• Understand how these new business models impact the consumer, the payer and the provider
• Identify new opportunities within your organization

Target Audience:

• Healthcare leaders who want to build their knowledge
• Health plans, Delivery systems, and their partners
• Product design teams who want to better understand market opportunity
• Leadership teams of health plans and healthcare delivery systems

Designing for Margin

Product and Service Ideas are Cheap – Delivering Margin in Hard

Over the past 20 years, I’ve met with well over 100 healthcare corporations, all looking to create new products and services. They see their market shifting and the customer base questioning the value of their purchases. These teams all know that the current product or service mix will soon become prey to new entrants. They have ideas – often BIG ideas for something new; but lack a framework to evaluate their options and build something meaningful.

This presentation is about how evaluate – from a long list of options and opportunities – those new ideas for products and services that could become transformative of the business – and how to build them with margin that make a significant financial contribution to the company’s bottom line.

You Will Learn To:

• Use trend to evaluate new ideas for new products or services
• Frame new concepts to quickly determine their relative value
• Adopt an innovation sequence that can add margin to a product concept
• Create business models for your new product or service idea
• Validate your concepts with potential customers to obtain buy-in

Target Audience:

• Leaders who want to build their knowledge on product design
• Corporate teams where the CEO wishes to infuse entrepreneurial thinking
• Product design teams wishing to learn to design for margin
• Organizations and their partners engaged in joint design or customer engagement process

Transformational Leadership in Healthcare

The healthcare system of our country is poised for significant change. And leading change is very difficult. The task requires Transformational Leadership skill.

Transformational leaders possess a definable set of professional and personal skills, values, and traits. They must be thoroughly familiar with the organization's programs, and must have the knowledge and skills required running them. In addition, transformational leaders must be dependable, think independently, possess integrity and high moral values, be politically aware of others, and be able to work in teams within the health care hierarchy. That’s a tall order.

Finally, transformational leaders motivate workers to exceed established performance standards and to transcend their self-interest for the good of the organization. For this to happen, teams must identify with their leader's values and vision of the future.

You Will Learn the:

• Top 5 healthcare disruptors that are transforming our healthcare system
• Top 5 elements of the consumer-driven marketplace that will change the way we serve patients and families
• Top 5 strategies you can use to become a transformational leader 

Target Audience:

• Healthcare leaders who want to build their skill at leading change
• Healthcare teams who want to better understand market change
• Leadership teams of health plans and healthcare delivery systems

Dr. Michael Burcham
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