Michael Broome

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Michael Broome Speech Topics

A Humorous Look at Personal, Professional and Family Success

Achieving a balance in living is the ultimate barometer of success. In a hectic age when we are pulled in so many directions, Michael shows the keys to focusing our talents for the benefit of others and ourselves. Motivation, people management, family life, self-esteem, and goal setting...

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You Can Become the Person You Dream To Be!

Michael will help your group reach their dreams, but we don't mean by putting them to sleep! This vivacious presentation encourages the listeners to make the most of their lives by clarifying objectives, overcoming adversity, developing self-confidence and living optimistically. In this...

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Be a People Power Person! (Leadership, Service and Communications)

Michael talks about the basics in dealing with employees, customers, and family. Through the use of vivid examples, he teaches principles of teamwork and the art of working and living with others. Talking and listening, arguing and agreeing, managing and serving are the major areas of emphasis....

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