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Michael Bonner

Disruptive Innovator, Entrepreneur, Ellen Degeneres Favorite Teacher, Atlanta's 40 under 40

Michael Bonner
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Get Up Or Give Upby Michael Bonner

Get Up Or Give Up

by Michael Bonner

Michael Bonner knew he wanted to be a teacher after his favorite college professor, Dr. Poulson, inspired him. The professor’s passion and love for teaching prompted Michael to change his major and his life’s direction. But nothing prepared Michael for the reality of a Title One school.      

Teaching is fun until a 7-year-old is assaulting you or you’re dodging furniture being thrown at you. When you mix the craziness of a classroom with a marriage that was about to implode, anyone might want to quit. Smiling on the outside while feeling dead on the inside took this dedicated teacher to the breaking point. Michael knew he must change what was inside him, in his approach to life, or nothing would change anywhere else. 

So Michael took matters into his own hands to make four key paradigm shifts that helped him create a world of successful learning for his students and love within both the classroom and beyond. The result has been a transformation that’s taken Michael far beyond the classroom as he inspires thousands across the country.  

The Audacity to Believe
Thriving in Education's New Age

Facing tech disruptions and rising turnover, educators need more than just survival skills. "The Audacity to Believe" empowers teachers to become changemakers, igniting inspiration and practical strategies. Michael Bonner, a renowned educator, shows you how to cultivate a "believer's" mindset within your classroom, sparking positive ripples throughout your school, county, and district.

Based on research, Mr. Bonner unveils 5 key traits of effective teacher leaders:

  • Unwavering belief in student potential: You'll discover how to foster a "can-do" attitude, ensuring every student sees themselves as capable learners.
  • Learning as the key to success: Learn how to connect academic achievement with real-world success, motivating students to invest in their education.
  • Tailored instruction for individual needs: Equip yourself with strategies to provide customized learning experiences that empower each student to excel.
  • Building resilience through failure: Explore healthy approaches to failure, turning setbacks into opportunities for growth.
  • Embrace feedback for continuous improvement: Discover the power of constructive criticism for honing your craft and staying at the forefront of education.

Prepare to leave this speech feeling energized and ready to inspire the next generation! Join Michael Bonner and unlock the audacious potential within you and your students.

The Perfect Time to Quit!

The speech would be engaging and inspiring, encouraging teachers and leaders to embrace change and let go of old, outdated practices that are holding them back. By framing quitting in a positive light and encouraging the audience to take action, Michael Bonner will inspire teachers and leaders to make positive changes that will improve their practice and the climate and culture of their organization. The speech will be filled with personal anecdotes, humor, and practical tips and strategies that the audience can apply immediately in their own work.

By Design

By design is a keynote designed by the client and speaker to empower the individuals the conference or district is serving. This customized keynote will be designed to fit the needs of the audience by combining the expertise of Michael with the leaders of the organization. Through effective collaboration, a dynamic speech will be created to have attendees leave the keynote with a renewed sense of confidence and the tools necessary to be more efficient. 

Intrepid (A Technology Focused Keynote)

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, educators can enhance student learning by using technology. Michael Bonner's experience of using technology in the classroom led to a lifetime opportunity, and he has since implemented various technology tools to help students become thought leaders and entrepreneurs. This keynote will show educators how to do the same.

 In this keynote, educators will:

- Be able to walk away with free applications that will enhance the level of learning within their classroom.

- A broader understanding of digital citizenship and how it allows students to actively take on leadership roles.

- See through examples and stories how connecting with students through technology ultimately provides them the opportunity to develop analytical/critical thinking skills.

Michael Bonner
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Michael Bonner

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