Why Michael Bonner Day Exists

Olivia Kuban

In the small town of Hertford, North Carolina, February 10 is Michael Bonner Day. The man in which the day honors is Michael Bonner, a Hertford native and a teacher with a now globally-renowned passion for students and their educations.  

After "Mr. Bonner's" students repeatedly failed a reading test, Bonner promised that if at least 80 percent passed, he and the class would shoot a music video together as a reward.

His students successfully passed the test, resulting in a music video that would show the world not only that children can actually enjoy learning, but that a genuinely engaged teacher is a powerful motivator. The video went viral, propelling Bonner into the spotlight with appearances on Ellen and NBC Nightly News.

Realizing the impact the first video had on viewers, the class created more videos leading to thousands of dollars raised for his students' school. 

Every day, Bonner fosters an atmosphere that promotes a love of learning through relationships and by developing content that kids can connect with culturally. As a keynote speaker and twice-published author, his influence extends beyond his classroom at the Ron Clark Academy and into the lives of educators and their students everywhere. 

He is known as a visionary leader- a champion for students' educational and psychological wellbeings, taking each student's individual needs and backgrounds into account. 

And that is only a fragment of why Michael Bonner Day exists. Learn more.

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