Megan Alexander

Megan Alexander, Women's Health, Abstinence Megan Alexander, Women's Health, Abstinence

Megan Alexander Speech Topics

A Seat at the Table: Why Christians Must Pursue Careers Of Influence

Why we need people of faith in careers of influence. My own story of navigating the cutthroat media world as a TV reporter. Practical stories and encouragement for others. Great for Christian Colleges & Universities.

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Effective Communication - Making Media Work For You

Communicating your message clearly is essential. Whether you want to start a non-profit or business, write and promote a book, or run for office - you will need media coverage. In this talk, learn the tips and tricks of making all media a positive experience. Find out how to prepare, conduct the...

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Roadmap to Success

My speech entitled "Roadmap to Success" is a collection of stories from my own professional journey as a national correspondent for Inside Edition and covering Thursday Night Football. I share what I believe are the keys to success: Know yourself, Hustle and Ask. My goal is to leave the audience...

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